How To Draw Up the Florida LLC Operating Agreement Easily

Standardized Legal Documents How To Draw Up the Florida LLC Operating Agreement Easily

Create the Florida LLC Operating Agreement in a Few Minutes!

An LLC operating agreement is a legally binding contract used to outline the financial and functional decisions of a business, such as regulations and provisions. Creating any legal document, including the Florida LLC operating agreement, can be tricky and complicated. swoops in to save the day with a neat feature that helps you create legal documents in minutes!

What Is an Operating Agreement?

To successfully create the Florida LLC operating agreement, you will first have to understand what the document is and how it works. An operating agreement is a crucial legal document used by any Limited Liability Company (LLC) to define the duties and responsibilities, as well as govern the internal business operations.

Filing your operating agreement with the state isn’t mandatory, but for some states creating an operating agreement for your record is required.

How To Create Your LLC Operating Agreement in Florida

You can create your Florida LLC operating agreement by yourself. There are templates you can follow, or let us provide you with all the necessary info so that you don’t make any errors or forget to mention something important.

Here is a list of everything you should include in your operating agreement:

ItemWhat To Include

Percentage of Ownership

Specify the percentage of ownership in your operating agreement according to the percentage and amount of funds the member invested. 

Even if you use a different method for determining the percentage of ownership, you should make it is presented in a clear way in the agreement

How You’ll Distribute Profits

Elaborate on the distribution of profits as well. The percent of profits is closely tied to ownership percentage, but not always. If you choose to make a different arrangement, make clear what the arrangement is so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings

Your LLC’s Management Structure

There are two ways to set up your LLC:

  • Member-managed
  • Manager-managed

If you set it up as member-managed, all the decision making and running of the business depends on the owners.

In the manager-managed scenario, you will point out the manager who will run the business

Members’ Roles And Responsibilities

You have to specify the responsibilities and obligations of each LLC member and manager. It’s important that all parties involved know what to do and the authority they should respect and consult if need be

How You’ll Make Decisions

Decide whether you want decisions to be made by a unanimous vote of members, or you would like to point out one person (manager, for example) to take on that role. Think of what would work best for your business and apply it

What Happens If A Member Wants Out

Address what happens to the ownership interests if a member chooses to leave the business. Stating this helps you avoid confusion if a situation like that arises. Include a section describing what will happen if members file for bankruptcy or get a divorce, as well

What Happens If You Want To Close Your Business

You won’t have the closing of your business in mind when you are only starting it, but it is important to think of everything. It’s recommendable to state how the LLC should be dissolved and how the assets will be divided in the end

You should keep your LLC agreement up to date and make sure to include any changes if they occur. If you make sure that your agreement reflects your current affairs, you will be ready to handle any questions about how your business should be run.

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