Drafting A Florida Lease Agreement Has Never Been Easier

Create Your Florida Lease Agreement in the Blink of an Eye

If you decide to rent your property in Florida, you must do more than hand out the apartment keys to your new tenant. Composing a legal document stipulating the terms and conditions, such as a lease agreement, is crucial to avoid misunderstandings.

The problem arises once you realize you don’t know how to write a contract or what to include in it. The internet is full of questionable templates that don’t contain all the sections they should, and services are pricey. Luckily, we got your back. If you are struggling with creating your Florida lease agreement, this guide will help you find the solution in record time!

What Is a Florida Lease Agreement?

Florida lease contract is a state-specific lease agreement between a landlord (property owner) and tenants.

This agreement shouldn’t be confused with a rental agreement, as these two documents aren’t the same. Rental contracts are usually short-term and more flexible, while lease agreements are long-term and have pre-determined start and end dates.

Why Do You Need a Lease Agreement in Florida?

The main purpose of the Florida lease agreement is to protect the rights of the landlord and tenants.

It specifies the regulations that benefit the landlord’s material and financial safety and protects the tenant from unwanted visits or entries to the property. The rules also prevent the tenant from leaving the property without paying what they owe or the landlord from throwing the tenant out for no reason.

Besides protecting both parties, the Florida lease contract helps them solve potential problems and avoid arguments. If the agreement is properly composed and provides clear regulations, there should be no misunderstandings.

What Does Florida Residential Lease Agreement Need To Include?

To make sure your Florida lease agreement is valid, you must provide all the relevant information. Here’s the list of the sections you should include in this type of contract:

  • Names of the landlord and tenants
  • ID info about the landlord and tenants
  • Address of the property
  • Number of property occupants
  • Rent details
    • Amount
    • Payment method
    • Payment deadline
    • Potential grace periods
  • Pet policy
  • Repair and maintenance responsibilities
  • Illegal activity restrictions

Required Disclosures

According to Florida Statutes, besides regular clauses, your Florida lease agreement must contain required disclosures. Below is the table explaining each of them:

Identification and contact detailsThe landlord needs to confirm that they are authorized to receive demands and legal papers regarding the property in question. They need to inform the tenant if they authorized someone else to receive such notices
Fire protectionIf your contract refers to the apartment in a building that has more than three floors, you must include the fire protection info in your clause list
Lead-based paint disclosureYour lease agreement must contain information about the potential lead-related health hazards, as the paint on some older houses contains this substance
Radon disclosureThe presence of radon, a harmful gas, in the building is another health risk. One of the clauses must provide information on this disadvantage
Security deposit disclosureThis part of the contract explains the deposit regulations, including the amount, refunds, deductions, etc.
Landlord’s accessThe clause related to the landlord’s access states that the property owner needs to announce their visit in advance. They need to inform the tenant about the arrival at least 12 hours before the visit.

The landlord can visit the property between 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. Such regulations are necessary to protect the privacy of the tenant

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