What You Need To Know About a Florida Health Care Proxy

Advance Health Care Directive What You Need To Know About a Florida Health Care Proxy

Essential Details of a Florida Health Care Proxy

While the thought of becoming incapacitated from an illness or injury may seem scary, it can happen to anyone. Most people have strong feelings regarding the treatment they would accept or decline in such situations.

Creating a Florida health care proxy can help you define future health care wishes. This guide will explain all you should know about creating and executing this document. You will also learn how to create a medical power of attorney, living will, and any other advance directive in Florida using DoNotPay.

Florida Health Care Proxy Explained

In Florida, a health care proxy is called a designation of health care surrogate. The document can also be referred to as a medical power of attorney. It allows you to appoint someone you trust to make health-care decisions in your stead. The person you appoint is called a health care agent, proxy, or surrogate.

According to the Florida statutes that govern the creation of health care directives, you can state whether you want the surrogate to assume authority immediately or when you become incapacitated. The determination of incapacity is made by a health professional.

Apart from a health care proxy, you can create complementary documents, such as:

Under the health care proxy Florida law, a medical power of attorney must be:

  1. Made in writing
  2. Signed in the presence of two witnesses

At least one of the witnesses should not be your spouse, blood relative, or a designated proxy.

How To Designate a Health Care Surrogate

You cannot have more than one health care proxy, but you can designate an alternate agent who can assume the role if the primary one is unavailable. You should also choose a different surrogate for mental health decisions. Once the document is ready, you must provide a copy to your health care agent.

You can also revoke the designation of health care surrogate at any time (as long as you’re of sound mind) by:

  • Setting a revocation date when creating the document
  • Destroying the document
  • Expressing the intent to cancel the document to your agent orally
  • Signing a different health care surrogate designation

If the document is in your medical records, it is important to inform your doctor when you revoke it.

What Powers Does a Health Care Surrogate in Florida Have?

Here are the decisions your agent can and cannot make on your behalf (unless you explicitly state otherwise in the document):

What the Surrogate Can DoWhat the Surrogate Cannot Do
  • Make medical decisions according to your best interest
  • Provide written consent to medical professionals whenever required
  • Receive your health information and access health records
  • File Medicare and Medicaid applications on your behalf
  • Permit the release of your health information to certain individuals
  • Authorize an abortion, sterilization, psychosurgery, electroshock therapy, experimental treatments that have not been authorized by a federally approved institutional review board
  • Provide consent for admission to a mental health facility
  • Decide on withholding life-sustaining treatment if you are pregnant

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