Florida DMV Power of Attorney Requirements Explained

Create a Power of Attorney Florida DMV Power of Attorney Requirements Explained

Everything You Need To Know About a Florida DMV Power of Attorney

Before creating a DMV power of attorney, you should find out all the rules and regulations regarding this document. DoNotPay can provide you with all the info about the Florida DMV power of attorney.

What Is a Power of Attorney for a Motor Vehicle in Florida?

A power of attorney (POA) for motor vehicles in Florida is a legal document that allows an individual (the agent) to handle vehicle-related tasks on behalf of the vehicle owner (the principal). The agent can represent the principal in all matters related to their vehicle with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

If it is a company vehicle, it is possible to choose more than one person to act as an agent, but they all need to be affiliated with the same carrier services company.

DMV Power of Attorney Florida—Agent’s Authorization

A power of attorney for DMV transactions usually permits the agent to do these actions on behalf of the principal:

  • Register a vehicle
  • Buy or sell a vehicle
  • Record liens
  • Apply for a duplicate title certificate

Types of DMV Powers of Attorney in Florida

According to the Florida Division of Motorist Services, there are two types of POAs:

  1. Secure power of attorney
  2. Non-secure power of attorney

Check out the table below for more information:

Secure Power of AttorneyNon-Secure Power of Attorney
Can be used when you accept the vehicle in trade and the title is:

  • Electronic
  • Physically held by a lienholder
  • Destroyed or lost by the customer
Can be used when the vehicle being sold is:

  • Exempt from odometer disclosure requirements (the customer may choose the dealership to be their attorney-in-fact)
  • Not exempt from odometer disclosure requirements (the customer must appoint an individual who does not work for the dealership to be their attorney-in-fact)

What Does Every Florida Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Need To Contain?

A properly written power of attorney for motor vehicles in Florida must contain the:

  • Date the POA was issued
  • Name and address of the agent
  • Name, address, and signature of the principal

Florida DMV Power of Attorney Legal Requirements

According to the Florida Statutes, a power of attorney for motor vehicles needs to be:

  • An original—no photocopies will be accepted by the Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services
  • Signed by the principal (the IRP registrant/IFTA licensee)
  • Signed in front of two witnesses and a notary (the notary can serve as one of the witnesses)

The notary can be an employee of the carrier services company but can’t be an owner or a co-owner of the carrier services company.

Where Can You Find a Florida Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form?

To complete the motor vehicle power of attorney form in Florida, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website
  2. Open the Resources page
  3. Click on Forms
  4. Find and open the Power of Attorney form (HSMV 82053)

You will need to fill out the form with some of your personal information and details about your vehicle. It is possible to complete the form online and then print it. You will need to submit the form to your local tax collector office.

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DoNotPay Can Help You Create a Durable Power of Attorney in Florida

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DoNotPay Can Help You Notarize a Power of Attorney in a Flash

Not only can DoNotPay help you create a POA, but our app is also able to help you get the document notarized! If you wish to kill two birds with one stone, you only need to inform us that you need notary services when completing the POA questionnaire.

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Other Power of Attorney Types DoNotPay Has the Scoop On

Power of attorney is a legal document that has several types. Here are the ones DoNotPay can help you create and brief explanations of each one:

  • Durable POA—This type of POA comes into effect right after the document is signed, and the agent retains the powers even if the principal becomes incapacitated
  • General POA—The agent is not allowed to make decisions on the principal’s behalf if they become mentally or physically disabled
  • Limited POA—This POA comes with limited authorization and allows the agent to have powers during a limited period
  • Springing POA—The agent gets the powers only when the principal becomes unable to make decisions on their own due to a disability, never before
  • Financial POA—This POA gives the agent permission to deal with the principal’s financial matters (taxes, mortgage, or paychecks, for example)

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