Effectively Claim Fisher-Price Recall

Recalls Effectively Claim Fisher-Price Recall

How to Claim the Fisher-Price Recall

If you have any product which happens to be on the Fisher-Price recall list, you might actually be eligible to make a report for compensation or replacement. As with all brands, (Fisher-Price included) a number of things factor into the process of successfully filing a report for any recalled products that you own to secure the most satisfying outcome. The following are also the most important things that you may want to know in order to make sure that your can go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

By the end, you will know what the most powerfully effective solution is to guarantee a satisfying outcome to your recall claim case with no stress in record time. You'll also be informed about a surefire way that DoNotPay can help streamline the product recall claim process to get your claim in front of the company as soon as possible.

What Happened With the Fisher-Price Recall

After incidents that resulted in the deaths of at least four infants,  both its 4-in-1 rock 'n glide soothers and 2-in-1 soothers from the shelves. In response to the reports, Fisher-Price announced the recall in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. An official press release communicated that the 4-in-1 Rock 'n Glide Soother and 2-in-1 Soothe 'n Glider would not only no longer be in production but emphatically urged that any consumers who might still be in possession of the products should cease their use of the products immediately.

  • The ages of the infants reported deceased from the 4-in-1's malfunctions ranged between 11 weeks to 4 months old, with the fatalities themselves occurring between April 2019 and February 2020.
  • Though the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there have been no casualties from the 2-in-1 soother, the product was recalled all the same to make sure that all bases could be covered to avoid the risk of aggravating any unseen weak points in the design.

How Do I Make a Claim for the Fisher-Price Recall?

If you want to manually put forth your claim for a Fisher-Price product recall, you are going to want to make sure that you take the following steps to put all things on the level for your case.

  1. Visit Fisher-Price online at service.mattel.com
  2. Click on the Recall & Safety Alerts section
  3. Provide the required forms through the website's submission page

Alternatively, if you would prefer a phone call, you can make a toll-free call to 1-855-853-6224 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

How to Claim Refunds, Repairs, or Replacements for Recall the Products Using DoNotPay

Through our Product Recalls product, all you have to do is tell us about the product you purchased and provide receipts/other evidence, and we'll contact the company on your behalf. Whether you're looking for a refund, repair, or replacement for your product, DoNotPay can make sure that your request gets delivered to the right people.

How the Product Recall Claims product works:

  1. Tell us about your purchase, including the product name, brand, store you purchased the item from, price, and date of purchase. If you purchased the item online, enter your transaction details and payment method as well.


  2. Tell us how you found out about the recall.


  3. Choose whether you want a refund, repair, or replacement.


  4. Upload photographic evidence of your purchase and the product if you still have it.


  5. Choose whether you have the capacity to return the item or not.


And that's it. DoNotPay will send your recall request to the manufacturing company on your behalf, asking for a refund, repair, or replacement. You should hear back from the company directly with confirmation and how the refund/replacement will be issued, or the next steps in getting the item repaired.

Why Use DoNotPay to Make Your Fisher-Price Recall Report

If you want to ensure that the recall process is handled as efficiently as possible, it would be wise to invest in . The following are some of the most compelling reasons that DoNotPay users have reported.

It’s assuredYou’re able to be successfully compensated due to professional support.
It’s efficientAll the relevant information is represented in the proper areas of interest.
It eliminates the risk of human errorThis leads to certain information necessary for the recall claim being left out
It’s fastMake sure that your claim can be processed within an expedited time frame.

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies/Entities/Groups With the Click of a Button

DoNotPay is a highly accommodating platform that can be used for a wide variety of product recall information submissions. The following are some of the other brands that DoNotPay can help you with securing recall compensation for should it be needed:

If you would like to handle any of your product recall process needs through DoNotPay, feel free to . We pride ourselves on providing top-notch service to all in need of assistance with their recall claim needs, and we hope to be able to help you as soon as possible.

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