Fired for Jury Duty—What Does the Law Say?

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How To Avoid Being Fired for Jury Duty—Can DoNotPay Help?

When you receive a jury duty summons, it’s your obligation to show up at court and serve. This means that you’ll need to take time off work for however long the duty lasts.

If you don’t show up, you can face penalties, such as fees and imprisonment.

While the majority of all federal cases last only a day, some can drag out for months, and you can receive multiple calls in a short period. Your employer won’t be keen about you missing work for so long and may try to force you to ignore your civic duty.

The question is—is it legal to get fired for jury duty? In this article, we’ll show you:

  1. What rights and duties employers have when employees get called
  2. How you can to procure a formal jury duty leave request letter in no time

Can You Be Fired for Jury Duty?

Jury duty is job-protected leave. This means that the law protects you from getting fired because of jury duty. If the employer chooses to terminate your contract or penalize you for carrying out your civic duty, they will face penalties and even imprisonment.

You can sue the employer if you get:

  • Demoted
  • Fired
  • Threatened
  • Salary reduction

What Punishments Await the Employer?

The punishment handed to employers differs based on the state. Check out the table below to find out what each state law says:

AlaskaLost wages/Nebraska$500/
Arizona$2,500/Nevada$2,000One year
Arkansas$2,500/New HampshireLost wages/
CaliforniaLost wages/New Jersey$1,000Six months
Colorado$1,000One yearNew Mexico$500Six months
Connecticut$50030 daysNew York$1,00030 days
Delaware$500Six monthsNorth CarolinaAll damages/
District of Columbia$300One monthNorth Dakota$1,50030 days
FloridaPunitive damages/Ohio$25030 days
GeorgiaAll damages/Oklahoma$5,000/
Hawaii$1,00030 daysOregon$720/
Idaho$300/PennsylvaniaAll damages/
IllinoisLost wages/Rhode Island$1,000One year
Indiana$1,000180 daysSouth CarolinaOne year’s salary/
IowaLost wages/South Dakota$50030 days
KansasAll damages/Tennessee$2,500One year
Kentucky$25089 daysTexasFive years’ salary/
Louisiana$1,000/Utah$500Six months
Maine$1,000Six monthsVermont$200/
Massachusetts$5,000/Washington$1,000Three months
Michigan$7,50093 daysWest Virginia$500/
Minnesota$700Six monthsWisconsin$200/
Mississippi$1,000Two yearsWyoming$1,000/
MissouriLost wages/

Some states may order additional liabilities for attorney fees and other damages—check your state laws to be sure.

What Happens With Your Salary During Jury Duty?

The federal court pays $50 per day to jurors, but it doesn’t enforce any rules on the employer regarding your salary. When it comes to state courts, the rules on pay and employee salaries differ based on state law.

Request Formal Leave for Jury Duty With DoNotPay

Jury duty is an important pillar of the U.S. judicial system. When you receive a summons, you will need to:

DoNotPay can help you get off work without any hassle or awkward conversations. Our app will draft a professional letter based on the information you provide and will notify your employer about your rights regarding jury duty.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select the Request Jury Duty Leave tool
  2. Answer a few questions
  3. Upload a photo of your jury summons

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