Finland Tourist Visa—Do You Have To Apply for It Before You Visit the Country?

Tourist Visa Guide Finland Tourist Visa—Do You Have To Apply for It Before You Visit the Country?

Find Out if You Need To Get a Finland Tourist Visa Before Traveling

The happiest country in the world, the Land of Thousand Lakes, the home of Santa Claus—you name it—Finland has some of the world’s loveliest tourist attractions. A trip to this destination may bring you much joy but also many problems if you don’t inform yourself about the current entry requirements for the country.

Failing to obtain the necessary entry authorization may leave you at the airport instead of the booked hotel. For this reason, we prepared a guide that will answer all potential queries about entering this country, such as:

  • Do you have to apply for a Finland tourist visa?
  • What should you do if you want to stay for longer than permitted?
  • What are the criteria you must meet to pass the borders painlessly?
  • Whom can you contact for any questions about visas, permits, and your stay in Finland?
  • How can using DoNotPay assist you in making the most of any tourist visa application?

Applying for a Tourist Visa for Finland—Is It Required?

Finland forms part of the Schengen area. It’s a zone that allows travelers from many countries, including the USA, to visit any destination on the territory without a visa and stay for up to three months. In other words, you can enter the country only with your passport if you aren’t planning to explore Finland for longer than 90 days. Here are the passports/travel documents accepted by the Finnish immigration authorities:

  • Regular passport
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Emergency passport
  • Service passport
  • Official passport
  • Seaman’s book—if you are on duty

What Do You Need To Enter Finland as a U.S. Tourist?

Being able to enter Finland without a tourist visa doesn’t mean you can just show your passport at the border and pass. Here are some other requirements you must meet to go through the customs without complications:

  1. Remaining passport validity of at least 180 days beyond your planned stay in Finland
  2. Two blank passport visa pages
  3. Insurance document covering the entire length of your trip
  4. Proof of financial means showing that you can cover your stay expenses (at least 30 euros per day) and all other related costs
  5. Proof of a booked flight
  6. Absence of active entry bans to the Schengen area

The immigration authorities keep the right to deny you entry to Finland if they suspect you:

  • Constitute a danger to the public health, order, or security
  • Affect Finland’s relations with other countries negatively
  • Plan to earn money by dishonest means while staying in the country as a tourist

COVID-19 Entry Restrictions and Regulations in Finland

In light of the increased risk of COVID-19, the Finnish authorities propose some rules regarding entering the country during the pandemic. You must:

  • Provide either:
    • Negative PCR test
    • Full vaccination certificate
    • Proof of recent recovery from COVID-19
  • Practice voluntary distancing from other people and wear a face mask
  • Undergo additional health screening upon arrival in Finland, if necessary

There are no ongoing curfews, quarantine, or any restrictions on intercity or interstate travel.

What Should You Do if You Want To Extend Your Stay?

If you have a family member in Finland, decide to study there, or just want to stay for longer than three months, you must apply for a residency permit. It’s necessary to do it before visiting Finland as, according to the Schengen rules, you can’t get this type of authorization upon arrival.

How To Get in Touch With an Appropriate Finnish Embassy or Consulate?

The following table shows some available Finnish authorities you can contact if you need any help with your residency visa or other queries:

AuthorityLocationPhone Number
Embassy of FinlandWashington(202) 298-5800
Consulate General in Los AngelesCalifornia(310) 203-9903
Consulate General in New York CityNew York(212) 750.4400
Consulate in AlbuquerqueNew Mexico(505) 898-2079
Consulate in ChicagoIllinois(708) 442-0635
Consulate in AtlantaGeorgia(404) 815-3682
Consulate in HoustonTexas(713) 552-1722
Consulate in MiamiFlorida(305) 444-0004
Consulate in BostonMassachusetts(617) 654-1800
Consulate in PhoenixArizona(480) 998-7121

You can find the full list of available consulates on the Embassy Finder.

DoNotPay Solves Your Visa-Related Dilemmas Without a Hitch

Submitting a tourist visa application may not seem like a big deal but includes many tedious tasks, such as:

  • Finding out what paperwork is necessary for the application
  • Calling or emailing the embassy or consulate to arrange a meeting
  • Driving or traveling to the appropriate facility

The good news is that with DoNotPay, you can skip them and file an application from the comfort of your home! Once we check if you need a tourist visa for a specific country, we can contact the embassy in your name and ask if it accepts email visa requests. This way, you don’t need to go to the other part of the town to submit a couple of documents!

That’s not all! We will give you a ready-made list of all the documents you need and an appropriate application form to complete. Long story short—all you need to do is follow our instructions:

  1. Visit DoNotPay
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  3. Verify your U.S. citizenship or passport ownership
  4. Choose the country you want to visit

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