Final Demand Letter Before Legal Action—All You Need To Know

Breach of Contract Final Demand Letter Before Legal Action—All You Need To Know

Send a Final Demand Letter Before Legal Action With DoNotPay

Has your client refused to pay you for the work done? Have you already sent a few collection demand letters but received no response? It is time to draft a final demand letter before legal action to seek remedies for the breach of contract—be it minor, material, anticipatory, or fundamental.

This article will tell you all you need to know about writing a final demand letter before a lawsuit and explain how to use DoNotPay to obtain it in a few simple steps.

Why Should You Send a Final Demand Letter Before Legal Action?

Even if your attempts to resolve the breach of contract dispute with your client have not been fruitful, it might not be time to take them to court yet. Sending a final demand letter instead can save you from the stress of attending court hearings and expenses that come with litigation.

You should consider sending a final demand letter before filing a lawsuit because it:

  • Might get you a settlement
  • Can accelerate your case
  • Provides a way to resolve the matter out of court
  • Organizes your case
  • Warns the client that you will sue them
  • Serves as proof that you wanted to solve the issue out of court

When To Send a Final Demand Letter Before Legal Action

You should send a final breach of contract demand letter once the following happens:

  • You have tried to get in touch with the breaching party to collect damages
  • Your client does not respond to your calls or emails
  • They refuse to pay or fulfill contractual obligations
  • The extended deadline from your previous demand letter expired

What To Include in a Final Demand Letter

When writing a final demand letter, you should include the following information:

  1. Both parties’ details—names, addresses, etc.
  2. A direct statement that the letter is the final request
  3. Details about the services you performed for the other party under the contract
  4. The amount that your client was supposed to pay you under the agreement (including interest rates)
  5. Losses you suffered due to the breach
  6. Dates of your previous attempts to collect damages
  7. Deadline for the final payment
  8. Consequences for non-payment

How To Write a Final Demand Letter

You need to write your final demand letter in such a way that your opponent realizes that it is final. Follow the guidelines below when writing your letter:

  1. Be polite and professional—You should not involve emotions in your letter
  2. Type your letter—It is better to type the letter than write it by hand
  3. Include the facts and details—Your client might not be aware of all the details, so you should outline all breach of contract elements
  4. State your demands directly—It is important that you clearly and unambiguously state what you require
  5. Set a due date—The standard practice is to set a deadline of ten days when you are writing a final demand letter. If you give your client more than two weeks, they will have less motivation to deal with the issue straight away
  6. Make copies—Since you might need this letter as evidence in court, you should make copies and keep them
  7. Send the letter via certified mail—Always send your letters via certified mail and request the return receipt. You should keep a copy of the post office receipts because the opponent might try to defend themselves by saying they had not received anything

Ways To Prepare Your Final Demand Letter

You can draw up your demand letter in several ways:

  • Prepare it yourself—You may want to draft your final demand letter yourself, but this is not advisable if you are unfamiliar with legal terminology. You will find plenty of demand letter templates online, but keep in mind that it will take you a lot of time and energy to tailor them to your case as they are too generic
  • Hire a lawyer—If you hire a lawyer to create your letter, it may cost you up to $1,200
  • Go to a collection agency—Collection agencies may charge between 25 and 50 percent of the total collected amount
  • Use DoNotPay—Our affordable app will make sure that you have a professionally written and fully personalized demand letter in a few minutes

Rely on DoNotPay To Generate a Rock-Solid Final Demand Letter

Our app knows all the state laws, and we will ensure your demand letter meets all the legal requirements, outlines all the specifics of your case, and caters to your needs. DoNotPay is simple to use—all you need to do is sign up and follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the Client Breach of Contract product
  2. Provide details about the situation, such as:
    1. Information about the client and your contract
    2. Description of the services you performed
    3. The amount that your client owes you
  3. Choose the final due date for payment

Upon receiving the necessary information, our AI-powered app will prepare an airtight final demand letter for you.

If you are looking for state-specific information, you should consult the table below to learn about a breach of contract in:

MichiganNew YorkNorth Carolina
New JerseyArizonaCalifornia
South CarolinaIllinoisOhio

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