Don’t Use a Fillable Month-to-Month Rental Agreement—Make the Contract Yourself

Avoid the Fillable Month-to-Month Rental Agreement—Draft It Yourself

Creating a rental agreement is the first step you should take when letting another person occupy your property or renting a property from someone. Not only is it the best way to shield your rights and interests, but it also defines tenancy rules. Among various rental contracts, the month-to-month ones are the most common options landlords and tenants go for.

Using a fillable month-to-month agreement is one way to avoid hiring lawyers to write your contract, but we have a better solution for you. In this article, you will discover other, more affordable options and get familiar with the entire procedure of creating a valid agreement. We will also give you super handy tips for drafting other legal documents in a matter of minutes!

What Is a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement?

A month-to-month rental agreement is a contract between a property owner and a person who leases their residence on a monthly basis. As their name says, these agreements usually last for 30 days, unlike lease agreements, which are long-term and have a fixed duration. They get renewed automatically at the end of the term until the landlord or tenant provides specific notice of nonrenewal and ends the tenancy. In some cases, if you agree with the property owner, you can start a month-to-month tenancy once your fixed-term contract ends.

Fillable month-to-month rental agreements are contract templates that can usually be found online. These are the forms that contain some recommended sections with blank spaces you should complete based on the specifics of your case.

When Should You Opt for a Monthly Rental Agreement?

Month-to-month rental contracts are perfect for the tenants who:

  • Don’t want to engage in long-term lease agreements
  • Want to find temporary accommodation while they are looking for a home to buy
  • Constantly move from one location to another due to work obligations and need a more flexible rental solution
  • Want to get familiar with a neighborhood and ensure it’s the right place for them before engaging in a long-term lease

Benefits and Drawbacks of Fillable Month-to-Month Rental Agreements

While completing a fillable monthly rental agreement can be a perfect option for some people, others may want to skip it. The table that follows shows the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of fillable agreements:

  1. Editable agreements are easy to get—various online platforms offer different types of templates the parties can download and modify according to their needs. All they should do is google month-to-month rental agreement template or any similar keywords
  2. They are a quick solution—the signers don’t need to compose the entire body of the agreement. It’s enough to fill out the blank spaces with the correct information
  3. The signer doesn’t have to get familiar with the law—all the legal terms the contract should include are already in the document, which means that the parties don’t have to be legal experts to fill out the template
  1. Online fillable agreements can be incorrect or incomplete
  2. Fillable monthly rental contracts can be outdated—for example, when state laws change
  3. Sections within these contracts are too general—they may not apply to specific cases or terms that the parties have agreed upon. Using them can make your document vague or invalid
  4. Modifications are limited to blank spaces only

What Other Methods Except Fillable Monthly Rental Contracts Can You Use?

Besides chasing fillable monthly rental contracts. you can use one of the following methods to draw them up:

  1. Hiring a professional—They have sufficient knowledge of the governing laws and can make a valid contract easily. The main downside is that their services usually cost an arm and a leg
  2. Drafting the document yourself—This method requires a lot of attention and patience since it’s not simple to create a legal document from scratch. You must make sure your contract covers all necessary clauses, such as:
    • Information about the landlord and tenant
    • Start date of the rental period
    • Property details—location, description of the premises, and other elements
    • Rent information and security deposit details
    • Responsibilities of both signing parties—utilities, repairs, maintenance, and property modifications
    • Penalties for late or missing rent and other rule violations
    • Eviction procedure
    • Applicable laws

If none of these options seems convenient, and check the solution we prepared for you!

Ditch the Fillable Monthly Rental Agreements—Use DoNotPay

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