Find Out How To File a Complaint Against a Neighbor

Neighbor Complaints Find Out How To File a Complaint Against a Neighbor

Learn How and When You Should File a Complaint Against a Neighbor

They say we can’t pick our family, but most of the time, we also can’t choose our neighbors, and those are two groups of people we spend a lot of our time near. DoNotPay can tell you when and how you should file a complaint against a neighbor if they are not following the residential rules.

Reasons To Report Your Neighbor

Next-door residents can be annoying for multiple reasons—some more serious than others. Whatever they are, you should not keep quiet and tolerate your inconsiderate neighbors. Here are some situations when a report is justified:

The Issue Your Neighbor Is CausingExamples
  • Playing loud music
  • Talking too loudly
  • Moving or dragging furniture
  • Stalking you, watching you, or invading your privacy in another way
  • Using shared property improperly
  • Calling the police to complain about you often and without a proper reason

How and Where To Complain About Neighbors

It doesn’t matter if you live in a building or a house—dealing with problematic neighbors is a common issue. When you live close to each other, noise and similar disturbances are difficult to ignore. You shouldn't turn a blind eye but be smart about how you approach this problem and deal with bad neighbors legally.

The first and most obvious step is to try talking to your neighbors and solving the problem this way. Only if this option fails should you consider bringing other individuals in the dispute. You can complain to:

  • Other neighbors
  • Landlord or apartment manager
  • Police

Documenting neighbor harassment is also a useful way to support your case when you decide to report them.

How Complaining to Other Neighbors Can Help Your Case

While it’s easy for the problematic neighbor to ignore the complaints of one person, they might take the issue seriously if there are more unhappy people. You should find out if other people find your neighbor's habits annoying and face the perpetrator together.

There is always a possibility this plan won’t work, but you should try nevertheless.

How Complaining to Landlords and Apartment Managers Is Useful

If the neighbor who is causing you problems is a tenant, a wise move would be to contact their landlord.

In case your neighbors are young individuals, you can often expect parties and loud music at late hours. Getting in touch with the landlord should solve your problem. Even if the tenants refuse to listen to the homeowner, they may end up getting evicted.

When Should You Report Loud Neighbors to the Police?

Calling the police should be your last resort. This action is reserved for serious complaints and if all other steps fail to solve the problem. Bear in mind that 911 is not the phone number you should always dial in these situations.

In different states and cities, various other services are in charge of handling these situations. If the neighbors’ pets are causing the problem, you might want to call animal control. In case the neighbor is disposing of trash in an unsafe manner, you can get in touch with the Sanitation Department.

The best choice is to contact a helpline to find out which agency can assist you.

DoNotPay Can Help You Create a Demand Letter

If communicating the problem to your neighbor doesn’t yield any results and you still want to give them a chance to change their ways before involving law enforcement, DoNotPay can help!

Our app will create a demand letter that includes all the legal actions they’ll need to face if they keep ignoring your complaints. You may also include the amount of expected compensation.

These are the only steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in your favorite web browser
  2. Tell us what the issue is—noise, harassment, or animals
  3. Provide us with some additional info about the problem

DoNotPay will create a letter that should make the neighbors think twice before turning up the music again. We will send the letter in your stead as soon as possible.

How To Report a Neighbor if Nothing Else Works

In case the situation escalates and your neighbors still don’t want to cooperate, you will need to file a formal report. This process may differ across the states and cities, but you can usually choose between:

  1. Calling a general non-emergency number to file a noise complaint
  2. Filing a noise complaint online via the Noise Complaint Form you can find on your local government’s website

You should explain the issue you are having in detail and answer all the questions posed by the representatives. Make sure to mention all the steps you’ve already taken and include dates and times of incidents if you have been keeping a record. It could also help to provide testimonies of other neighbors who were experiencing the same issue.

Report Noisy Neighbors Anonymously

If you wish to report the neighbors anonymously, you should inform the person you are filing a complaint to. This option is allowed, but it may not be as effective as coming up with clear examples and more witnesses willing to testify.

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