Understanding the Fee Agreement Template

Get the Scoop on the Fee Agreement Template

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What Is the Fee Agreement?

A fee agreement, also known as a retainer agreement or a fee letter, is a contract made between a client and a service provider. It is used to outline the parameters and fees for the work done by a service provider. 

This agreement is a great way to avoid any misunderstanding when going into business with someone, and it makes the duties and responsibilities of everyone involved clear. It's often used when hiring freelancers, independent contractors, or other service providers

A Simple Way To Draw Up Your Fee Agreement With No Template

Using the contract templates you find online isn’t advisable since they can be quite difficult to understand and require way too much effort. That is why we gathered all the info on how to make a fee agreement and simplified it to a T. If you follow the list we provided below, you will have peace of mind and know that your agreement contains all the items that make it valid. Here is a list of everything your agreement should encompass:

  1. Fees
  2. Scope of work and responsibilities
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Termination


In the first section, include all the details regarding the fees, payments, and any additional expenses that are relevant. Specify everything about:

  • The method of payment
  • The date when the payment should be made
  • The amount in question

Pay extra attention to this section and try not to leave out anything important regarding the fees and the payments, in general, to avoid running into issues later on.

Scope of Work and Responsibilities

The section about the scope of work should clearly outline the details concerning the proposed work that the service provider will do. Define the provider’s duties clearly and state what is expected of them, their work, and the agreement. 

Making sure to include every single obligation and responsibility will save you the trouble of explaining it later on. The provider will know what is expected from them from the beginning and agree to it.


Having a confidentiality clause is a great way to ensure that all business plans and private, important info and documents are secured. You don’t want to gamble with important and private matters, so make sure to state clearly what info is confidential and forbidden to share with anyone outside of the agreement.


Be clear on everything regarding the termination notice. Include every detail. like:

  • How much notice a party has to give beforehand
  • What happens with the project after the termination
  • Whether it affects the fees and in what way

If there is anything else relevant to the termination of the agreement, use this section to specify it.

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