What You Should Know About FDA Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials What You Should Know About FDA Clinical Trials

FDA Clinical Trials and Everything You Should Know About Them

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the major and strongest link in the path between the production of new drugs or medical products and their consumers. The goal of this organization is to determine whether the newly created goods meet health, quality, and safety standards. 

Thanks to detailed clinical studies, which usually require human volunteers, the researchers assess the risk levels and improve the formulas until they reach a satisfactory level.

Sounds like something you would like to try? In case you’re considering taking part in such experiments, this article could be a valuable source of information.

What Do FDA Clinical Trials Look Like?

The studies FDA carries out consist of several stages. The preparations begin long before the researchers start testing a certain product on a human being.

This includes theoretical examination, practical assessment, and animal testing. Only after the product—usually a drug—meets minimum requirements for human testing, the recruitment for research conduction begins.

During this process, the team chooses a certain number of suitable candidates in line with the specific range of needs the project requires.

Upon doing this, the researchers need to go through three more levels to finalize the trial successfully:

  1. Phase one—This stage focuses on observing the reaction of healthy individuals to a drug and on the search for side effects or other potential problems
  2. Phase two—This part of the research conducts experiments on patients suffering from the disease the medicine in question should cure 
  3. Phase three—Being the last one, the purpose of this stage is to revise all the results and determine the characteristics such as an optimal dosage or the overall safety 

Depending on the type of device or medical product in question, trials like these can last from six to ten months, and they usually require a huge number of participants.

Why Should You Consider Participating in an FDA Clinical Trial?

The enormous responsibility that the FDA carries provides secure conditions for trial conductions. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider participation in FDA trial procedures:

  • Institutional review boards control the whole process, which means fewer risks 
  • Expert teams will also revise the profiles of the participants and exclude those that might be prone to more serious consequences. This means that you will be elected only if it’s safe for you
  • The chances for you to be cured become higher if you participate in studies testing a drug for the disease you’re suffering from
  • The company gives a generous incentive to everyone willing to be a part of this testing ground

How To Find the Best Clinical Trials FDA Can Offer via DoNotPay

What if we told you that there’s a special app whose goal is to find the best clinical trials and medical surveys according to your criteria? 

DoNotPay has developed a system to facilitate the search of such studies so that users can choose the one they are interested in. Our app gives you a wide selection of trials near you, while an easy and fast application process saves your precious time.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Go to DoNotPay using your web browser
  2. Select the Clinical Trials option and click on Get Started Now
  3. Enter the type of study you would like to participate in and adjust the filters to your liking
  4. Choose a study that you’re the most interested in and click on View Study
  5. Select Contact Now to let the app get in touch with the recruiters

Apart from this, the app’s rich learning base will let you get acquainted with clinical trial phases and concise definitions.

Some additional features include updates, the possibility to bookmark and save certain studies for another time, and a base of existing lists of trials. You don’t have to do anything else—the recruiters will get in touch with you once they process your application.

Other Ways To Find FDA Clinical Studies and Trials

Apart from being able to find a convenient study via our app, there are a couple of platforms where you can also find the FDA clinical trial databases. These are:




  1. Go to the website
  2. Choose All studies within the Find a study section on the left
  3. Enter FDA in the Other terms field
  4. Select the United States from the drop-down menu within the Country section
  5. Click on Search

World Health Organization

  1. Go to the WHO clinical trial search portal
  2. Type FDA in the search field and set the rest of the preferences
  3. Choose a study which is marked as Recruiting

What You Should Be Aware of Before Embarking on This Adventure

Everything’s ready—you’re almost sure this is the right endeavor for you, and you have already found an interesting study among the provided resources. Before you click the Contact button, it doesn’t hurt to go through some major points and facts related to FDA clinical trials.

Testing your health for an incentive is the major pillar of the trial—you should make sure that you want to do this. According to the FDA clinical trial regulations, the payment should be proportional to the amount of risk to which the participant is exposed. 

The FDA provides all its participants with a specific document—a so-called informed consent—which contains key information about the process they will go through. Detailed acquaintance with the conditions and parts of the procedure is recommendable.

Research can’t begin until you agree to all the terms and sign the document. This paper isn’t a contract, which means that you reserve the right to cancel your participation at any time in case you realize that it’s not what you want to do.

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