File Farmers Insurance Claims the Easy Way

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A Guide to Filing Farmers Insurance Claims Easily

The Farmers Insurance Group is an American company that provides protection for cars, homes, and businesses.

If you have Farmers insurance and your home gets damaged or you get into a car accident, you can minimize the expenses by filing an insurance claim. The process of filing these claims can sometimes be tiresome and stressful, but with DoNotPay, it’s like taking candy from a baby!

What Is Covered by Farmers Home Insurance?

Being a homeowner is not easy or cheap. You have to prepare and secure your property from any unexpected issues. The most typical situations where your home insurance comes in handy include the following:

  • There’s been a fire or flood in your home
  • Thieves have stolen your possessions while you were away
  • A guest has been injured on your property
  • Your property has suffered damages from a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake

Farmers Insurance offers three customizable packages, and you can see their features in the following table:

Type of Insurance PackageFeatures


It is the most affordable package designed for new homeowners, and it includes the most important coverages and features.


The enhanced package has higher policy limits and additional features like covering the costs of a roof replacement or valuable contents from your home.


It provides the highest policy limits and coverage. In some cases, it can include Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage, which grants you a 100% cost reimbursement, regardless of your policy’s limits.

How To Make Farmers Home Insurance Claims on Your Own

You can choose from three options to report a Farmers home insurance claim:

  • Call a 24/7 claims representative at 1-800-435-7764
  • File a claim online
  • Contact your Farmers agent

If you choose to call the Farmers claims specialist or your agent, the process is similar. They will ask you to provide them with all the information about your policy, details of the claim, and the coverage you have. They will inform you about the next steps.

To file your claim online, you have to:

  1. Go to the Farmers Insurance website
  2. Select the Home Claims tab
  3. Scroll down to the end of the page
  4. Hit the File a Claim button
  5. Choose between the Login, Lookup by Policy Number, or Continue as a Guest options
  6. Provide the required personal information
  7. Answer questions about the accident
  8. Add details about your insurance policy, package, and coverage
  9. Submit the claim

What Does Your Farmers Auto Insurance Cover?

Car insurance can keep you financially protected in case of an accident. Check the table below to see how Farmers auto insurance protects you and in which instances:

SituationHow Does the Farmers Insurance Protect You?
You caused an accident, and the other driver is hurt, or their vehicle is damaged.The liability insurance coverage pays for the medical bills and vehicle damages you caused.
You damaged your car when you hit a tree, fence, or another vehicle.Collision coverage will cover the repair or replacement expenses.
A hailstorm or any other natural disaster wrecked your car.Comprehensive coverage will cover the costs of damage caused by something out of your control.
You suffered injuries when an uninsured driver hit you while walking, driving a car, or riding a bike.Uninsured motorist coverage covers the medical bills up to your policy limits.
Your family member or passenger was hurt in an accident.Medical payments will cover their medical bills if the covered accident caused the injuries, no matter whose fault it was.
You are missing your work due to the physical therapy you have to undergo because of the car accident injuries.Personal Injury Protection (PIP) can manage medical and rehabilitation costs and cover lost wages.

How To File Farmers Auto Insurance Claims by Yourself

You can file an online claim or call a Farmers claims representative at 1-800-435-7764.

If you choose to file a claim via phone, the claims specialist will inform you about the whole process.

To file a Farmers auto insurance online, you should:

  1. Open the Farmers website
  2. Go to the Auto Claims section
  3. Select Report Your Claim Online
  4. Choose how you want to proceed
  5. Add your contact information
  6. Provide details about the accident, including date, time, and place
  7. Answer questions about your policy and coverage
  8. Submit your claim

File Any Farmers Insurance Claim Hassle-Free With DoNotPay

Insurance companies go out of their way to avoid covering your bills, damages, and repairs. They sometimes make the process so tedious that people choose not to file a claim at all.

All that changes with DoNotPay! With our service, you can file all sorts of insurance claims without trouble, excessive paperwork, and wasted time!

By accessing DoNotPay from a , you can file claims for:

  • Health and medical insurance
  • Home and property insurance
  • Auto and vehicle, including third-party insurance

We even got you covered for filing unemployment insurance claims.

Follow these steps to file a Farmers insurance claim:

  1. Open DoNotPay in a
  2. Search for the insurance provider and select the insurance type
  3. Enter personal information and policy number
  4. Describe the reason for your claim and details of the accident
  5. Click Submit

We will automatically file the claim in your name. The company will inform you about the results of your claim and the next steps. It is not unusual for an insurance company to reject the claim. If that happens, we will be happy to assist you in filing an appeal.

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