Create a Farm Land Lease Agreement in a Few Easy Steps

The Farm Land Lease Agreement in a Nutshell

Leasing a farm can be extremely profitable. Most retired farmers and individuals who inherit a farm choose to lease it to secure a stable long-term income. Lessees have all the advantages of using the land without having to pay property taxes, deprecation, or insurance.

A farm land lease agreement outlines the lease conditions and prevents possible disagreements. Luckily, you don’t have to hire a lawyer to create this legal document. With proper guidance, you can do it yourself.

DoNotPay will explain what constitutes a farm land lease agreement and how to write a contract on your own!

What Is a Farm Lease Agreement?

A farm lease agreement is a legally binding contract that specifies conditions of leasing a farm to an individual or a company. Most farm owners lease their property for agricultural purposes. Others can lease it to gas, oil, and wind companies that need the property to perform particular activities, such as mineral or wind energy development.

While farm land lease agreements differ depending on the situation, they should all include the essential sections:

  1. Parties involved in the contract
  2. Terms of using the leased property
  3. Rate of renting the property
  4. The duration of the agreement

There are two types of farm land leasesa cash rent and a crop share lease. In a cash rent lease, a tenant agrees to pay a set price per acre or a fixed set rate of the lease. This agreement is more beneficial for the lender since they receive a steady payment while the tenant bears the economic risk.

In a crop share lease, the lender accepts the share of the crops or any other product in exchange for the tenant’s use of the land.

What Should a Simple Farm Land Lease Agreement Form Include?

Farm land lease agreements are subject to particular state or county laws. While it is crucial to include elements that will protect your property’s value, you must consider the legal frame.

Take a look at the structure any valid farm land lease agreement should have:

Farm Land Lease Agreement ItemDescription
Personal informationBoth parties have to include their:
  • Full names
  • Addresses
  • Social Security numbers

They also have to be identified as the lessor and the lessee

Description of the propertyIdentification of the leased property refers to:
  • Location of the property
  • Type of property and purpose of leasing
  • Size of the land available for lease
  • Items on the property that the lease agreement covers
Start and end date of the lease agreementThe lease agreement can be:
  • Short term—lasts from one to three years
  • Long termlasts longer than three years

Farm land lease agreements should also include conditions for renewal or extension of the agreement and acceptable reasons for terminating the contract

Responsibilities Both parties must state their maintenance responsibilities. The landlord is typically in charge of covering the costs of:
  • Roofing
  • Heating, ventilation, water supply, and water waste system

Routine maintenance is the tenant’s responsibility

Lease feesThe payment policy must be specified in the agreement, even if there is no cost. Both parties must address utility costs
Signature of both partiesAfter reviewing and agreeing on the conditions, both parties must sign the agreement

Should I Use a Farm Land Lease Agreement Template?

There are multiple ways to create a farm land lease agreement, including:

  • Hiring a lawyer
  • Drafting an agreement yourself
  • Using one of the farm land lease agreement templates

Most people tend to choose one of the contract templates available online. The problem is that they are far too general to accommodate individual needs. Choosing the wrong template may end up costing you more than services ever could.

You can avoid unnecessary expenses and make sure all legal requirements are in place if you hire a lawyer. Since this option is expensive, let’s see if there is a safe yet affordable solution.

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