The Ins and Outs of Fairfax County Divorce

Divorce Settlement Agreement The Ins and Outs of Fairfax County Divorce

Fairfax County Divorce From A to Z

Want to finalize the divorce process as soon as possible without too much hassle? You should gather all the details to learn how to file the petition, what divorce papers to complete, how high the court and lawyer fees are, or how long you’ll need to be separated from your spouse.

If you’d like to get this information for Fairfax County divorce, you’re in the right place—this article provides all the details!

Fairfax County Divorce Requirements

To file for divorce in Virginia and Fairfax County, you need to fulfill the following criteria first:

Meet the RequirementsDetails
ResidencyEither you or your spouse must have been a permanent Virginia resident for at least six months
SeparationYou and your partner need to have been separated for at least:

  • Six months if you don’t have children
  • A year in case you’ve got children

Aside from the above-listed requirements, you also need to create and sign a property settlement agreement before filing for divorce.

If you’d like to eliminate the mandatory waiting periods listed in the table above, you can go for a limited divorce. The appropriate grounds for this type of divorce are:

  • Cruelty
  • Desertion
  • Abandonment

Fairfax County Divorce Types

Aside from a limited divorce, you can opt for the following two types of divorces in Fairfax County:

  1. Contested
  2. Uncontested

Contested Divorces

In contested divorces, spouses don’t agree on one or more divorce terms. In this case, the process can:

  1. Drag out for a long time as the court might need you to provide additional documentation and proof before the judge makes a decision
  2. Cost a lot since you’ll probably need to appoint an attorney to protect your interests

Uncontested Divorces

For an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse need to negotiate an out-of-court settlement—on your own or through mediation—on all divorce matters, such as:

Once you agree on all aspects with your spouse, you can complete the process by yourself, i.e., you don't have to hire an attorney to prepare the divorce forms or represent you in court.

That’s why this friendly type of divorce is the least complicated, time-consuming, and expensive procedure.

What Fairfax County Divorce Forms Do You Need?

If you decide to go for an uncontested divorce, you’ll need to complete and file the following papers with the court:

  • Complaint for Divorce—You should prepare one original and one copy
  • VS-4 State Statistical Form—Keep in mind that you must complete this form in black ink without any white-outs or corrections
  • Domestic Case Coversheet—You need to prepare two copies of this form

Aside from preparing the above-listed forms, you’ll also need to:

  1. Create a divorce settlement agreement—You must state all the agreed-upon divorce terms in this document
  2. Pay the filing and service fee—The latter action is necessary if you’d like the sheriff’s office to serve the papers to your spouse. As these fees are changeable, you should check the current ones on the Fairfax County website

If you’d like more information about Fairfax County divorce procedures, you could consult the available Pro Se Divorce Package.

How To Prepare a Divorce Settlement Agreement

Drafting a divorce settlement agreement that complies with state laws can be demanding. To get some assistance with the preparation of this legal document, you can:

  1. Use online divorce services—While templates that are available online may seem helpful, you should examine whether they fulfill legal requirements
  2. Opt for legal services—Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is always an option, but you need to be prepared to pay a significant sum for this type of service
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When you receive a divorce settlement agreement, you should present it to the judge for approval.

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