The Best Way To Draft a Facility Use Agreement!

Standardized Legal Documents The Best Way To Draft a Facility Use Agreement!

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What Is a Facility Use Agreement?

A facility use agreement allows one party to use the other’s property or its part for a specific period. The contract includes the details of the event, the reason for using the property, and how frequently the property is to be used, among other provisions. The facility can be a school, college, or a church.

This agreement might seem similar to a lease agreement, but the user is not considered a tenant and is not eligible for tenant rights. They only have the right to use the property as directed in the contract. As compared to a lease, it’s also easier to evict the user if there is a problem.

Before using the property, the lessee can request a walk-through to visit the property and ensure that the facility is in the same condition as mentioned in the contract. It also provides security to the lessor by stating that any damage caused will be the lessee’s responsibility.

Why Do You Need a Facility Use Agreement?

Facility use arrangements can come in handy in the following situations:

  • If you need to organize an event and don’t have a venue to host it in
  • For seminars, conferences, and workshops
  • When conducting regular events at a hotel is out of your budget and comes with restrictions

Making an Effective Facility Use Agreement

There are several ways to make a facility use contract effective:

  1. The arrangement should be written, not verbal
  2. Both parties must sign the contract willingly. You can also get the document notarized by a notary public to ensure that no party is forced to sign it
  3. The terms and conditions must be clear and precise to prevent potential conflicts

Essential Elements of a Facility Use Agreement

Here are several key elements you should incorporate into a facility use agreement:

ElementBrief explanation
  • The effective date of the agreement
Details of both parties
  • Names, addresses, and contact information of the lessor and the lessee
Details of facility usage
  • How the facility should be used
  • Frequency of property usage
  • Estimated amount of guests per event
  • Guidelines for using the property
  • Restrictions, if any
Indemnification and hold harmless
  • Who is liable for damage to the property
  • How to treat a breach of contract
Payment details
  • Daily or monthly rate
  • Payment schedule
Terms and conditions
  • What both parties are responsible for
  • The duration of the contract
  • Right of access
  • How to proceed if one party backs out of the contract
  • Both parties must sign the contract to confirm they have read and understood the terms of the contract

Is a Facility Use Agreement Legally Binding?

Once both parties have signed the contract, it automatically becomes legally binding. If any party fails to honor the deal, they risk facing legal consequences.

Usually, all facility use arrangements have a clause detailing what happens if a party breaches the contract. Potential remedies can include financial compensation, termination of the agreement, or filing a lawsuit against the guilty party.

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