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How To Contact Facebook Customer Service Step by Step

Facebook is a social networking website that connects people with friends and other people who share similar interests. It was founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg.

The company has more than 1.6 billion users worldwide, making it the largest social networking site in use today. This social networking site allows users to register and interact with other members by sharing photos, videos, and blogs and sending messages. Users can also exchange messages with pages or groups of people called Facebook pages.

Facebook allows its users to create personal profiles and add additional information, such as personal details, photos, and external links. It is also mobile-enabled, which means users can access it through cell phones and other mobile devices.

If you have a question about your account, settings, or anything else that requires customer service, you can contact Facebook's customer service team. We’re here to walk you through reaching Facebook’s customer service department with ease.

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How Can I Contact Facebook Customer Service Myself?

Contacting Facebook customer service can prove difficult and time-consuming, so we suggest you try out an alternative option first. Visit Facebook’s FAQ Page and try to find the information you need. This can save you from dealing with customer service and figuring out confusing online instructions. Here’s what you’ll find answers to once you scroll through the company’s FAQ page:

  • How do I create a Facebook Page?
  • What features do I still have access to in new Pages?
  • Who can manage my business presence with new Pages?
  • How can I open my new Page?
  • What will happen to posts I made on my classic Page?
  • Is there any content that won't migrate with my Page?
  • What happened to my ads and content when I switched back to classic Pages?
  • How will people find my new Page?
  • What is a News Feed? How can I set up my News Feed?
  • What happens to Page likes when I transition to the new Pages experience?
  • When I had a classic Page, I followed other Pages. What happens to those connections on my new Page?
  • What email address can I use for my Page?
  • Can others see the classic and new Pages that my new Page follows?

If you don’t find the info you need by researching Facebook’s website, you can get customer support through the company’s Help Center.

Since Facebook has over a billion users, the company doesn’t offer a phone number that you can dial and speak to a customer service rep. Considering the high number of users, Facebook would need 100,000 employees to sit by the phone and answer customers’ calls. The only way to find customer support is via the company’s Help Center Page, and we’ll show you how.

Reaching Facebook Customer Service Through Its Help Center

Once you visit the company’s Help Center Page, you’ll be able to find assistance for personal and business-related issues. What you need to do once you go to the website is:

  1. Choose what you need assistance with
  2. Follow the instructions provided to resolve the issue

Consult the table below to see some of the issues you can resolve this way:

CategoryWhat You Can Do
Account Settings
  • Manage notifications
  • Adjust settings
  • Learn about name changes
Login and Password
  • Change your password
  • Fix login issues
  • Reset your password
Privacy and Security
  • Add extra protection and security to your account
  • Choose who can see what you share
  • Report abuse and learn how to stay safe on Facebook

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