How to Stop Harassment from Experto Credite Debt Collectors

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How to Stop Unwanted Calls from Experto Credite Debt Collectors Quickly

Unbeknownst to you, contacting a creditor asking for financing might be a horrible decision. If you cannot pay that debt, the creditor might contract to chase the debt. Some debt collectors are notorious for violating consumer rights.

If a debt collector is harassing you or constantly contacting you with endless calls and mail, DoNotPay can help. On your own, seeking justice and fighting debt collectors is challenging. You require a professional to do it on your behalf. Our faster, more convenient, automated, less frustrating way is guaranteed to get you desired results.

Dealing with debt collectors is an unwanted challenge. Fortunately, DoNotPay is not solely knowledgeable in negotiating with Experto Credite but with other collectors as well.

We can help you make amicable settlements with collection agencies such as:

Who Is Experto Credite Debt Collectors and Why Are They Calling Me?

is an agency contracted by other creditors, such as banks, trading companies, and other lenders, to chase consumers for debt repayment.

The company has since then entered liquidation, but your debt details might have been transferred to another collector. Therefore, before making any payments to anyone claiming to be their agents, ensure you carry out due diligence on them.

If they contacted you through their various channels, it’s to:

  • Seek payments from you
  • Notify you they are planning on visiting your premises
  • Compile vital information about your debt
  • Intimidate you into paying the debt

Experto Credite Debt Collectors Contact Details

Experto Credite is also known as Experto Credite Limited and Experto Credite

Management Consultants. If you wish to lodge a complaint or to simply send an inquiry, you can reach out to Experto Credite through the following:

AddressWindrush House

24 Portman Road



RG30 1EA

Phone Numbers0134 4403 260

0333 2001 540

0121 6078 652

0844 5765 734

0118 9569 127

WebsitesExperto Credite

Company LinkedIn Page


What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Debt to Experto Credite Debt Collectors

You may have been caught under unfortunate circumstances, forcing you to miss payments to . Not to cause you any further panic, but you could risk facing one or two of the following consequences:

  • The debt collector might send bailiffs to repossess your property to repay the debt
  • They will escalate their efforts to contact you. Brace yourself for more calls, text messages, or even mails.
  • Legal action by the debt collector. For instance, they can file a County Court Judgement that can be detrimental to your credit record as it stays on file for six years.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings, depending on the amount you owe
  • Prison time
  • Tainted reputation in your neighbourhood or among your peers, especially when the bailiffs come to repossess your property in broad daylight

Has Experto Credite Debt Collectors Violated My Rights?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Credit Services Association (CSA) regulate and set a code of conduct for all debt collectors in the UK. This will not stop Experto Credite debt collectors from being aggressive in collecting their money. It is best that you know your rights.

Debt collectors are restricted from:

  • Visiting your premises with no prior notice
  • Accessing or gaining entry to your home without your permission or court order
  • Repossessing your property, such as vehicles or any valuable possession
  • Failing to provide proof of identity, such as a work ID or badge
  • Failing or refusing to provide a detailed report of your debt when you ask for it
  • Committing intimidating acts against you
  • Sharing your debt situation with your friends, neighbours, or anyone other than you
  • Forcing you into taking another debt to cover the current one

If the debt collectors do any of these, you are in the position to sue them in small claims court.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

Things can escalate if Experto Credite debt collectors have done an act that violates your rights. If they take no action to correct themselves and make amends, even after you lodge a complaint, you can resort to taking matters into your own hands.

Below are steps that you can take:

1. Contact a Financial Ombudsman

A financial ombudsman is an impartial party that resolves disputes between creditors and consumers. You present your case to the ombudsman after hitting a deadlock with the debt collector. After presenting your case, you’ll receive a solution within 10 days.

You can reach them through:

2. Alternative Dispute Resolutions Schemes (ADR)

You and the debt collector can go through mediation, negotiations, arbitration and conciliation in the presence of the FCA. These ADR schemes also help solve disputes between debtees and debt collectors. In some cases, the debt collectors might be members of an ADR scheme which can also handle the dispute.

3. Small Claims Court

If the above-mentioned options fail, you can resort to taking it to small claims court and settle the matter legally. However, the total amount the debt collector can claim in England and Wales is £10,000, in Scotland is £5,000, and £3,000 in Northern Ireland.

How Long Can Debt Collectors Collect Debt From Me?

The Limitation Act of 1980 gives all consumers with debts some reprieve from the assertiveness of Experto Credite debt collectors. The Act states that a debt collector can no longer chase a debt that is more than six years ago (five years in Scotland) since the day you last serviced, acknowledged or paid it. Further, the Act also limits to 12 years the time a debt collector must cease chasing a mortgage debt.

However, should the creditor successfully get a CCJ against you, then the act doesn’t apply. The only relief you get is the creditor cannot make any moves against you without the court’s authorisation.

How to Make a Payment to Experto Credite Debt Collectors

While you can’t make your debt payments to Experto Credite debt collectors, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repay them. The wise course of action is to attempt to contact the collector’s agents or your original creditor. From there, you’ll get the information you need.

How to Get Debt Payment Assistance

For whatever reason that you are unable to clear your debt with your creditor or Experto Credite debt collectors, there’s help. Various methods exist so you can seek payment assistance.

This way, you can avoid situations that’ll jeopardise your credit record:

  • Administrative orders – this order prevents the debt collector from pursuing you without the court’s authorization if you owe less than £5,000.
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) – instead of paying the debt collector or creditor directly, you pay through an insolvency practitioner who allocates the money accordingly.
  • Debt Respite Scheme – stops the debt collector from pursuing you for 60 days giving you some much-needed breathing space to seek debt advice and create a plan.
  • Debt Management Plan (DMP) – a DMP allows you to repay your debt in instalments you can comfortably afford.
  • Debt Relief Order (DRO) – this order temporarily halts any action from the debt collector if you owe less than £30,000, with less than £2,000 in assets, and less than £75 disposable income.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Debt Collectors With DoNotPay

Being in debt is not a pleasant experience and being badgered by collection agencies such as Experto Credite debt collectors could make it even more difficult. Luckily, DoNotPay is here to represent you and ensure that your rights are not disregarded.

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  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.

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