How to Deal With an Ex-Husband Stalking After Divorce

Stalking and Harassment How to Deal With an Ex-Husband Stalking After Divorce

How to Protect Yourself From an Ex-Husband Stalking After Divorce?

Stalking is much more common than many people are aware, so if your ex is following you everywhere you go, you should know that you are not alone in this fight. More importantly, you should know that there are things that you can do to protect yourself and put an end to your ex-husband’s harassing behavior.

According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, about 81% of women who were stalked by either current or ex-husband were physically assaulted by the stalker, while 31% of them were the victims of sexual harassment. You need to take action before something like this happens, so it’s crucial to learn how to differentiate between a slightly obsessive ex-husband and a stalker.  

How to Recognize Ex-Husband Stalking After Divorce?

When the person stalking you is someone you were close with once, as your ex-husband, it might be somewhat tricky to determine when his behavior goes from plain annoyance to harassment. Stalking is a form of harassment, so as soon as you spot even the smallest signs of your ex-husband turning into a stalker, you need to act on it. Here are some of the most common signs to be on alert for:

  • Your ex-husband starts following you when you leave your home
  • You notice that your ex is showing up in your favorite restaurant, cafe, or anywhere else you go regularly 
  • He drives by your house or through your neighborhood regularly
  • Your ex-husband starts calling you too frequently even after you’ve asked him to stop contacting you. You should take action to stop him before these annoying calls turn into harassing phone calls 
  • You receive unwanted and repeated text messages, emails, or letters
  • Your ex-husband starts bringing or sending you unwanted gifts
  • You find out that your ex is gathering information about you
  • Your ex starts stalking you online
  • Your ex starts spreading rumors about you or posting your personal information online

Stalking and other forms of harassment are usually intertwined, so you need to know what it means when someone is harassing you to be able to protect yourself.

What (Not) to Do When You See the Signs of Your Ex-Husband Stalking After Divorce?

It might be somewhat difficult to admit that your ex-husband turned into a stalker, but remember—even if it seems innocent at the beginning, it can turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. That’s why it is vital that you know what should and shouldn’t be done in this situation. Here are a few suggestions to help you deal with it:  



Try talking to your ex-husband to tell him to stop following you. Do it gently and be polite to him. Otherwise, you can make things even worse, as you never know what might infuriate a stalker.

Never minimize or rationalize your ex-husband’s stalking behavior. Stalkers are known to become violent even if they’ve never been like that before, so you can never know what they might do to you.
Consider taking a break from social media. Stalkers find it much easier to follow their victims nowadays when they can find everything they need online. Make it more difficult for your ex-husband to find out about your whereabouts by shutting down your social media accounts.

Stop trying to be your ex’s psychologist instead of protecting yourself. Even though your marriage is over and you no longer love him, you may still feel sorry for him and want to help him. But if your ex started stalking you, you need to make peace with the fact that you can no longer help him.

Ask for a restraining order if your ex-husband tries to hurt you or makes threats of violence. Should the situation become alarming, you will have to ask for a restraining order as soon as possible. When you file for a restraining order, you will be asked to provide evidence of stalking, so make sure you gather enough proof of being stalked.

Never blame yourself. Some stalking victims tend to blame themselves for everything their ex-husband does after divorce, especially when they were the ones to end the marriage. Others may tell themselves: “I should’ve known better.” Don’t torture yourself! It’s not your fault!

How to Protect Yourself From Your Ex Stalking You After Divorce?

When your ex is stalking you, it means that he wants to remain in control of the broken relationship between you two, so he’ll do anything to achieve that. Make sure you act fast if you want to protect yourself before it’s too late. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Ignore everything the stalker does to avoid encouraging his behavior
  2. Change your daily routine and your passwords
  3. If you fear for your safety, ask someone you trust to keep you company and go to the police
  4. File a police report and ask for a restraining order if possible 
  5. Check stalking laws by state to know what your rights are 
  6. Call 911 if you’re in immediate danger

Let DoNotPay Protect You From Ex-Husband Stalking After Divorce

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If you don’t know how to stop a stalker, be it your ex-husband or someone else, you can always count on DoNotPay to do that for you. When using our app, you just need to complete a few steps, while all the hard work is on us. Here are the steps you need to complete:

  1. Create your DoNotPay account and log in to it via the web browser
  2. Scroll down to Relationship Protection section
  3. Click on Safety and Stalking
  4. Provide the name of your ex-husband (or any other stalker or harasser for that matter)
  5. Wait for DoNotPay to generate a cease and desist letter on your behalf. This letter is to be sent to your ex-husband, demanding an immediate stop of stalking and any other harassing action

The cease and desist letter is important for two reasons. Not only is it intended to make your ex-husband stop stalking you, but it can also be an important piece of evidence in court in the future. If you don’t manage to solve the problem and you’re forced to sue your ex, this document can be used to prove that you tried to solve the issue before taking it to court.

DoNotPay Can Help You if Your Ex-Husband Starts Stalking You Online

Cyberstalking can be just as traumatic as in-person stalking, so you shouldn’t neglect even the smallest signs that your ex-husband is cyberstalking you. Whatever form of online harassment you notice, do not hesitate to use our app to protect yourself. DoNotPay can contact the representatives of the social media platform directly to achieve two things:

  1. Report your ex-husband and have his account and activity go under investigation 
  2. Ask the representatives to block your ex-husband so that he cannot contact you anymore

What Else Can You Use DoNotPay For?

Whether it’s your ex stalking you or someone else, DoNotPay can help you put an end to it. Should you notice signs of some other form of harassment, we will be more than glad to help you with that problem, too. But that’s not all—you can also use DoNotPay to solve various everyday issues, such as scheduling DMV appointments or trying to reach customer support.

Whatever you need help with, log in to your account via the web browser, and choose from the wide range of services that we have, including the following:

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