What Can Be Done About an Ex-Girlfriend Stalking New Girlfriend?

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How to Handle an Ex-Girlfriend Stalking New Girlfriend?

In the digital age, cyberstalking has become quite common, and the possibility to follow someone so closely—even if you don’t know them—has made it easier to stalk that person offline, too. This plays a particularly important role when it comes to ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, especially when only one of them wanted to end the relationship.

The National Crime Victimization Survey shows that 13.1% of the victims were stalked by an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. While these figures primarily refer to stalking an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend directly, in most cases, the new partner of the victim is involved as well. It might start out of curiosity, but stalking can eventually become a serious problem that you need to take action against as soon as possible.

Why Is Your Partner’s Ex Stalking You?

You’ve met the perfect boyfriend. You fell in love, and you have a wonderful time together, but there’s something spoiling your relationship—his ex-girlfriend stalking you. It makes you feel uncomfortable and confused—why would she stalk you? The truth is, there could be quite a few reasons for this, some of the most common being the following:

  1. Stalking her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend—you—gives the stalker a feeling of still having some control over his new life
  2. She may be jealous of him moving on
  3. Your boyfriend’s ex might have low self-confidence
  4. She may be angry with you for replacing her
  5. She may be looking for an answer if she didn’t get a clear closure from their relationship

Signs of Ex-Girlfriend Stalking New Girlfriend

It’s crucial that you stay on alert for even the smallest signs of harassing behavior. That way, you can act accordingly and on time. Here are some of the most common things that your partner’s ex might do to stalk you:

  • Cyberstalk you
  • Wait for you to leave your place, and then follow you
  • Drive by your home frequently
  • Drive through your neighborhood frequently
  • Start showing up everywhere you regularly go (your favorite cafe, restaurant, cinema, etc.)
  • Get your phone number and start making harassing phone calls
  • Send you repeated and/or threatening text messages or emails
  • Ask around to gather information about you
  • Post your personal information online
  • Spread rumors about you online or offline

What to Do When Your Partner’s Ex Is Stalking You?

When you learn what it means when someone is stalking you,it’s time to learn how to respond to the situation accordingly. When you take the right steps early enough, you can prevent further complications, so keep the following in mind:

What to Do


Take some time off social media

If you want to make it more difficult for your partner’s ex to follow your every step, consider shutting down your social media accounts for some time. In most cases, in-person stalking starts with cyberstalking, so as soon as you notice that the girl in question is checking out your profile and your activity too frequently, take some time off social media.

Take the stalking seriously

Always keep in mind that stalkers are unpredictable. You can never know when your partner’s ex might become aggressive and try to hurt you. No matter how innocent it might seem at the beginning, stalking can eventually turn into a much greater problem, which is why it’s vital that you treat it as an issue from the start.

Ask for a restraining order

If the situation becomes alarming and you start feeling scared, you should turn to the police. If your gut is telling you that your safety is jeopardized, listen to it and take action to protect yourself. In order to ask for a restraining order, you will need to provide evidence of stalking, so it would be a good idea to document it in any way possible.

Check Your State’s Stalking Laws

If the situation becomes alarming and you’re forced to report the stalker, you should first check the stalking laws by state, as they may differ. This will give you some insight into what your rights are and what the reporting process looks like, so you know how to prepare for it.

Rely on DoNotPay to Stop an Ex-Girlfriend Stalking New Girlfriend in a Few Steps

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Have you tried everything, but your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is still stalking you? We understand how frustrating this must be, but don’t worry—DoNotPay is here to help you handle this situation as efficiently as possible. All you need to do is take a few simple steps and then leave all the rest to us. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Use the to log in to your account on DoNotPay
  2. Scroll down until you get to the Relationship Protection section
  3. Select Safety and Stalking
  4. Provide the name of the stalker
  5. Let DoNotPay compose a cease and desist letter on your behalf, demanding an immediate stop of stalking and any other harassing behavior

The cease and desist letter is a vital document for two reasons. Firstly, it is to be sent to the stalker so that the girl in question (or any other stalker, for that matter) stops following you. Secondly, this document can be used as a piece of evidence in court if you eventually report the stalker—it proves that you tried to solve the problem without taking it to court.

DoNotPay Can Stop an Ex-Girlfriend Stalking New Girlfriend Online

Cyberstalking should not be taken lightly, especially because it often leads to in-person stalking. As soon as you notice that your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is stalking you online or harassing you via social media in any other way, you should use our app to stop it. You can rely on DoNotPay to contact the social media representatives directly, and achieve two things in order to protect you:

  1. Report your partner’s ex-girlfriend for stalking and harassment, and ask for her account and activity to be investigated
  2. Ask the social media representatives to block the girl in question so that she cannot contact you anymore

What Else Can DoNotPay Help You With?

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