All About the Everglades Correctional Institution

Connect With an Inmate All About the Everglades Correctional Institution

All About The Everglades Correctional Institution

Within Dade County, the Florida Department of Corrections operates the Everglades Correctional Institution in Miami. With more than 1,700 inmates, the facility serves an adult male population. Opened in 1995, this location offers well over 60 types of programs to improve the lives of inmates in areas that include substance abuse, chaplaincy, and academics.

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Where Is Everglades Correctional Institution and How Can I Reach It?

Facility AddressEverglades Correctional Institution

1599 S.W. 187th Avenue

Miami, Florida


Dial(305) 228-2000
Chaplain(305) 480-4210
Fax(305) 228-2039
Re-Entry Center(305) 480-4400
WardenJose Colon
General EmailEverglades Correctional Institution


  1. Follow the Turnpike extension until you reach Southwest 8th Street (SR-41)
  2. Go west on SR-41 to 187th Avenue, just beyond Krome Avenue
  3. Make a left turn on 187th and find the facility in roughly half a mile

How May I Visit an Inmate Here?

You may visit an inmate between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, subject to certain rules and restrictions.

  1. Fill out the visitation form
  2. Mail it to the address listed on the form
  3. DO NOT attempt to visit the inmate until you have been approved for visitation

Consult the Visitation Page or contact the facility for visitation rules.

May I Write to My Incarcerated Friend or Loved One?

You can mail written letters to an offender via U.S. Postal Service mail. You may NOT use boxes, plastic bags, padded envelopes, or certain other types of packaging. Refer to Inmate Mail rules for more details.

Address the letter using the offender's committed name, DC Number, and facility address.

May an Inmate Call Me?

Florida State prison inmates are not permitted to receive phone calls, yet they may place calls following specific procedures. They may only call approved numbers and must use the inmate telephone system.

I Wish I Could Email My Loved One

It is possible to contact an inmate via email. While offenders do not have direct access to the internet, they and their friends or loved ones may use the JPay Email service for communication.

Those who wish to send emails to inmates must purchase "stamps" to be used on the email website at the cost of 39 cents each. This is cheaper than postage stamps and helps cover the cost of monitoring email communications.

Is There an Easier Way to Stay in Touch With Everglades Correctional Institution Inmates?

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