An Event Contract Template You Will Actually Use

Standardized Legal Documents An Event Contract Template You Will Actually Use

Finding the Best Event Contract Template in Three Minutes

Whether you must organize a party, wedding celebration, or corporate function, an event contract is an essential step. The parties can agree upon all the details in person, but verbal agreements are almost impossible to prove if something goes wrong. 

People usually aren’t proficient in writing contracts, and they prefer to pass the document creation to a professional. 

We have some good news. You don’t have to waste exorbitant amounts of money on a lawyer. Find out what an event contract template should contain and learn how to get a professional legal document in a snap!

What Does an Event Contract Cover?

An event planner contract is a written agreement between an event planner and a person hosting a function. It defines collaboration terms and conditions and helps the parties understand their responsibilities. 

An event contract shields the rights of both entities. It also covers all potential issues that may affect the event planning. The primary goal is to make the collaboration transparent and smooth and prevent miscommunication and disputes.

What Provisions Should a Solid Event Planner Contract Template Have?

To make sure you don’t miss a crucial step or disclosure, here’s a list showing the recommended event contract structure:



General informationYou can use the introductory part to note general details about the signing parties and event, such as:

  • Legal names, addresses, and phone numbers of the event planner and the client
  • Date of signature
  • Event type
  • Full address of the venue
  • Venue contact person
  • Duration of the event


This section must contain a list of all services to be provided, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Catering
  • On-site staff

It’s crucial to clearly outline the exact scope of the responsibilities of the event planner. They must also state what services they don’t provide. Not defining these points may cause misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations, leading to dissatisfaction

PaymentPayment clause defines:

  • Estimated budget
  • Initial deposit amount and the due date
  • Payment schedule
  • Forms of payment
  • Final payment due date
  • Potential late fees
  • Additional fees and taxes
  • Other payment terms
CancellationCancellation disclosure protects the rights of the event planner if the client gives up on organizing the event. Adding a non-refundability statement allows the event planner to keep the initial deposit and any other payment they received.

The contract should also contain a cancellation-by-you provision in case the planner must cancel their services

IndemnificationIndemnification is a section that states the event planner won’t be responsible for any incidents during the event or negligence of the client
TerminationThis disclosure includes the list of circumstances that can cause the contract termination and the timeframe for termination
Additional clausesSome other clauses you can use include:

  • Photo release
  • Abuse
  • Illness/Tragedy

Is an Event Planner Contract Legally Binding?

This contract is legally binding if it has the signatures of all parties involved. Having your document notarized can be an extra security measure but is not required. 

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