Stop Unfair Practices from Eui Ltd-Prem TR in 3 Easy Steps

Stop Debt Collectors Stop Unfair Practices from Eui Ltd-Prem TR in 3 Easy Steps

Have EUI Ltd — Prem TR Debt Collectors Contacted You? Here’s How to Stop Them!

Have you been contacted by EUI Ltd – Prem TR? Do you owe a debt that you can't afford to pay? Are you struggling with debt after being put on furlough during the pandemic?

According to The Guardian, one in eight Britons has defaulted on their credit card repayments or loans. Other figures indicate that less than half of rents owed during the pandemic have been paid.

According to research conducted by StepChange Debt Charity, nearly £6 billion in household debt accumulated between the start of the pandemic in early 2020 and the present. However, the actual debt figures in Britain are probably somewhat higher than the report suggested. This means credit collection agencies are having a field day profiting on the mountain of debt Britons owe. If you allegedly owe EUI Ltd – Prem TR money, DoNotPay is the answer.

Breaking the Cycle of Debt Is Up to the Individual

Britain's mountain of debt will severely hinder any hope of economic recovery this country hopes to have post-COVID-19. Nevertheless, these debt problems didn't just begin when the pandemic hit; debt dependency has long been hardwired into the British model of capitalism. Starting in the late 1970s, Britain started going through an economic crisis marked by stale economic output and high-priced inflation. In those early days, rampant debt wasn't the primary factor.

The British labour movement, for one, squeezed the profitability of British firms while attempting to keep wages in pace with the rising cost of living. This in and of itself created a perpetual conundrum that exacerbated years of economic atrophy. Compared to mainland Europe's economy during that time, the outlook for the British economy seemed exceptionally gloomy. Looking back, what people of that generation experienced could have gradually been fixed with good policymaking.

Today, nonetheless, we face an economic threat far more destructive: debt. The power of capitalism and the allure of consumerism allows debt to thrive. As a result, large swaths of society have essentially resigned themselves to modern-day slavery — working to pay off their debt to acquire more debt.

What Is EUI Ltd – Prem TR and Is It Legit?

EUI Ltd – Prem TR (often referred to simply as EUI) is among a group of debt collection companies in the UK with a somewhat convoluted existence. It's one of several conglomerates owned and operated by Admiral Group PLC, a Welsh financial services company headquartered in Cardiff.

Admiral Group's primary industry of focus is automotive insurance, marketing Admiral, Veygo, Bell, Diamond, and Elephant brands. It also launched vehicle insurance comparison websites and

If that isn't confusing enough, EUI Ltd – Prem TR reportedly functions as the debt management arm of EUI Limited, which is the trading name of Admiral Insurance. Furthermore, it should be assumed that EUI chases delinquent debts owed to the other insurance companies operating under Admiral Group PLC. It likely handles debt for Admiral Financial Services Limited as well, which is the trading name for the following companies

  • Admiral One
  • Admiral Loans
  • Admiral Money
  • Admiral Car Finance

You can reach Eui Ltd Debt Collectors through

WebsiteAdmiral Group
Phone Number0330 333 5888
AddressTy Admiral

David Street

CF10 2EH

What Happens If I Ignore Eui Ltd – Prem TR?

Incorporated on 12 February 1992, EUI Ltd — Prem TR is an authorised debt collection agency (Reg No: 02686904). Further, it's regulated and subject to the guidelines set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Thus, ignoring EUI's attempt at collecting on debt could be enforceable depending on the case. The keyword is "could," meaning that one should investigate the nature of the debt, such as whether the statute of limitations has expired.

Alternative Options for Paying Your Debts Off

According to, if you owe less than £30,000, don't own a home, and don't have a lot of cash to spare, Debt Relief Orders (DROs) are one way to deal with your debts. If you obtain a DRO, the following apply

  1. Creditors and debt collectors need a court's permission before they can recover a debt.
  2. After 12 months, you will likely be freed or discharged from any debts owed to them.

To obtain a DRO, you must first apply for it through an authorised debt adviser who can help you fill out the forms. Several organisations in the UK can assist you in finding an authorised debt adviser if you're unsure how and where to start looking. We've gone ahead and listed a few of them here to make things easier.

  1. AdviceUK
  2. Benesse Advice Limited
  3. Community Money Advice
  4. StepChange Debt Charity
  5. National Debtline
  6. Payplan
  7. Shelter

Let DoNotPay Make Short Work of EUI Ltd – Prem TR Debt

If you're anything like most people caught off guard by a debt collector contacting you out of the blue, you might not be sure where to start. There is no need to worry about getting started or finished because DoNotPay's AI-powered lawyer will take care of everything. It doesn't mean if a debt collector called you five minutes ago or has been harassing you for months. DoNotPay ascertains if the debt they claim belongs to is valid and verifies the debt collector is in compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

We'll guide you through a series of questions and then assist you in determining what if any action can be taken. Subsequently, we'll send the creditor or debt collector a demand letter on your behalf. However, if you feel it necessary to report either one or both to the appropriate governing agency, DoNotPay will also file the complaint on your behalf.

  1. Search “debt collection” on DoNotPay.


  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.


  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.


See how easy that is? And it works with other collection agencies too. If you need help with other debts, check out some other resources by DoNotPay:

Fight More Than Debt With DoNotPay

As the name suggests, DoNotPay helps average people get the most out of their hard-earned money. Our goal is for you not to pay for as many things as possible or at least for a fraction of the price. Whether you need to cancel a subscription or fight a parking ticket, DoNotPay can help. Sign up today to save time and money!

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