How To Draft Estoppel Agreements

Standardized Legal Documents How To Draft Estoppel Agreements

The Ultimate Guide to Top-Notch Estoppel Agreements

If you are renting a house or apartment, your landlord may ask you to sign an estoppel agreement. 

To decide whether you should sign this contract or not, you must understand its ins and outs, and our article will answer all your burning questions! We also offer a step-by-step guide to drafting estoppel agreements and other legal documents stress-free.

What Does an Estoppel Agreement Regulate?

An estoppel agreement, also known as an estoppel certificate, is a real estate legal document acting as a summary of a lease agreement. A tenant signs it to verify the status of their lease and other key details, such as rent amount, security deposit details, or other specific conditions. The document also confirms the tenants don’t have any claims against the property owner and that everything stated in their primary agreement is true. 

The landlord can ask the tenant to sign this contract if:

  • They are trying to sell the property, and a potential buyer wants to know all about existing leases
  • They want to refinance the property, and the investor is requesting cash flow information
  • The tenant wants to sublease the rented premises, and the landlord wants to inform the sublessee about the underlying lease conditions 

Signing an estoppel agreement isn’t mandatory unless the existing lease agreement obliges the tenant to do so. If such a clause exists, they must cooperate with the landlord and confirm all the necessary details.

What Kind of Protection Do Estoppel Certificates Provide?

Estoppel agreements bring benefits to all entities involved—landlords, tenants, and future owners. Here are some advantages of making such a deal:

  • The lease status confirmation helps the landlord to sell or mortgage their property more easily
  • The document informs the buyer about all the responsibilities they must take over once they purchase the property. This helps the new owner avoid hidden expenses and other misunderstandings
  • The new owner will be aware of all the promises the landlord gave to the tenants
  • This certificate prevents the new buyer from investing their money in a property that doesn’t meet their criteria

Should You Have Your Estoppel Certificate Notarized?

Even though the notarization of estoppel certificates isn’t mandatory, you can do it for additional security

If you decide to have your document notarized, you can skip long in-person notarization procedures and book a meeting with an online notary in our app! Once you get your signature validated, use DoNotPay to fax your contract within minutes.

What Are the Common Sections of an Estoppel Certificate?

Since the purpose of an estoppel certificate is to highlight the existing conditions of your lease agreement, it should be short and concise. Here are some essentials provisions you shouldn’t forget:

  1. Tenant’s name
  2. Tenant’s contact details
  3. Lease start and end date
  4. Rent details—the amount and due date
  5. Security deposit amount
  6. List of the leased premises
  7. Potential amendments
  8. Utility bills
  9. Damage and malfunctions on the property
  10. Repairs and maintenance
  11. Copies of other existing agreements with the landlord (if they exist)
  12. List of modifications approved by the landlord

How To Generate a Solid Estoppel Agreement With DoNotPay

Writing an agreement is the best way to safeguard your rights and interests, but what if you don’t know anything about contracts? Many people pay huge amounts of money for professional drafts or struggle to adapt vague and generic online samples to their needs.

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