Is the Estonia Tourist Visa Required for U.S. Citizens?

Tourist Visa Guide Is the Estonia Tourist Visa Required for U.S. Citizens?

What Do You Need To Know About the Estonia Tourist Visa?

Have you heard about Estonia and got itchy feet? Estonia offers you unique experiences of visiting Tallinn TV Tower, riding a bike along the Narva River Promenade, and listening to the sounds of nature through Pähny Megaphones.

Before you start making a list of the sights you have to see, you should deal with entry documents. In this guide, DoNotPay will help you figure out whether you need an Estonia tourist visa and other details important for your trip.

Are U.S. Citizens Required To Get a Tourist Visa for Estonia?

No, they are not. Estonia is a part of the Schengen zone, which means that you can enter this country and stay for 90 days in any six-month period.

What Are the Estonia Entry Requirements?

If you are a U.S. citizen, here is what you need to enter Estonia:

  • A valid U.S. passport that is not older than ten years
  • Proof that you have financial means to support yourself during your entire stay
  • Documents that show the purpose of your trip

ETIAS Requirements To Enter Estonia

Starting from 2022, U.S. citizens will have to apply for ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation Systems). This system keeps track of all visitors to the Schengen zone who don’t need a visa to enter. Note that ETIAS will allow U.S. tourists to stay in Estonia for a 90-day period.

In case you are planning your travel in 2022, you are obliged to apply for ETIAS before the trip. These are the requirements to obtain an ETIAS permit:

  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Active email address
  • Credit or debit card

What Are the COVID-19 Restrictions for U.S. Tourists Entering Estonia?

To enter Estonia, you will need to show either a:

  1. Negative result of the PCR test you took in the last 72 hours
  2. Negative result of the antigen test you took 48 hours before your trip
  3. Vaccination certificate

You will also need a complete declaration of health. If you have already recovered from COVID-19 or have been vaccinated, you can enter Estonia without completing a declaration.

You will also have to present the information about:

  • Potential contact with a person that shows obvious symptoms of COVID-19
  • Persons you are traveling with
  • Your travel itinerary

U.S. citizens can enter Estonia without quarantine. This country allows public events and meetings that gather up to 1,000 people indoors and 5000 people outdoors. All the visitors should wear a mask.

Who To Contact if You Want To Know More About the Estonia Tourist Visa

If you have some questions about Schengen visa, ETAS, or anything else regarding your trip to Estonia, you should contact their embassy or one of the honorary consuls listed below:

Diplomatic MissionContact Info
The Embassy of Estonia
  • Phone—202 588 0101
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Chicago
  • Phone—+18474467560
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Seattle
  • Phone:
    • +1 206 310 2153
    • +1 206 284 4061
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Nebraska
  • Phone:
    • +1 402 430 92 99
    • +1 402 434 33 90
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Atlanta
  • Phone—+1 404 806 7757
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in St. Petersburg
  • Phone—+1 727-391-9232
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Boston
  • Phone—+1 617 543 9234
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Miami
  • Phone
    • +1 305 7736227
    • +1 305 3101040
    • +1 786 3636749
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in San Diego
  • Phone—+1 858 717 6379
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Phoenix
  • Phone—+1 602 373 2777
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Los Angeles
  • Phone—+1 818 340 5766
  • Email address—
Honorary Consul in Houston
  • Phone—+ 1(281) 770 3009
  • Email address—

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