All Questions About Essay Scholarships Answered

Discover and Apply for Scholarships All Questions About Essay Scholarships Answered

The Ultimate Guide to Winning Essay Scholarships

Most students need additional financial assets to cover their educational costs, but not everyone can achieve an excellent GPA or engage in community activities. The good news is—not all the scholarships and grants are based on these criteria. Essay scholarships are a perfect example of the award you can get with a little bit of creativity and your passion for the written word.

If you feel like trying your luck with such a scholarship but don’t have enough info, this article will solve all your dilemmas. It will teach you where to find essay scholarship contests, how to apply for them, and how to write a top-grade essay that will win the award for you.

What Are Essay Scholarships Contests?

Essay scholarships are a type of financial support for college, high school, and grad school students from various backgrounds. To qualify for them, you usually have to compose an essay based on the specific topic proposed by the scholarship provider. You may be required to write about personal skills, experiences, and achievements or respond to a topic based on current world events and issues.

While you can apply for some of these scholarships by writing an essay only, other contests may require you to have solid academic performance or other special qualifications as well. The amount you can get may vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the type and provider of the financial award.

Where Can You Find Essay-Based Scholarships?

Scholarship essay contests come from many resources, including:

  • State scholarship providers
  • Your employer or your parents’ companies
  • Student aid departments of the colleges or high schools you are attending
  • Various foundations offering annual scholarships
  • Community, religious, or ethnicity-based organizations
  • Professional associations dedicated to your fields of interest

Besides inquiring about the available scholarships in the above-mentioned institutions, you can perform an online search. The main disadvantage of this method is that the websites listing these scholarships don’t have advanced search filters. This means you have to spend some time reviewing all the results and choosing the ones that match your needs and affinities.

A quicker and more efficient option is to use DoNotPay to extract the awards you qualify for in a few taps.

Scholarship Essay Contests You Shouldn’t Miss

To help you get a better understanding of the available options, we have compiled a list of popular essay scholarships in the USA and divided them into three categories—the ones for:

Essay Scholarship TypeScholarship ProgramsEssay Topic
High school scholarship essay contestsBetter Business Bureau Ethnical Torch Essay ScholarshipUsing ethics and integrity when facing an ethical dilemma
Margaret Mary Missar/John Carroll Society ScholarshipConsiderations about faith
AFA Teens for Alzheimer's Awareness College ScholarshipThe way Alzheimer’s affects people’s families and personal lives
College scholarship essay contestsCenter for Alcohol Policy Essay ContestAlcohol policy-related American court cases
American Backflow Prevention Association ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship EssayBackflow prevention, the importance of drinking water, etc.
Unigo College Review ScholarshipAccredited colleges listed on the provider’s website
The Christopher W. Keyser ScholarshipLaw, history, journalism, criminal justice, political science
American Bullion ScholarshipVarious
Essay scholarships for both student groupsAbraham Lincoln Brigade Archives Essay ContestSpanish civil war and fights against fascism in the 1920s and 1930s
Invensis Young Thinker ScholarshipRobotic technologies and automation
Herrman and Herrman Innovation Scholarship EssayVarious—the candidates can write poems, essays, or stories or present other types of art pieces
Ayn Rand Institute Essay ContestAyn Rand’s novels
The Branson Shows Inspired ScholarshipPersonal and professional dreams and plans

Scholarships can also be dedicated to women, minorities, international students, and sensitive groups, such as veterans, disabled people, or children of deceased parents.

Essay Scholarship Application Process in Brief

Here are the two main steps you should consider when filing an essay scholarship application:

  1. Do your best to compose a good essay—The key to a successful essay scholarship application is a great piece of writing. You should:
    1. Take care of the essay format
    2. Follow the proposed essay writing prompts
    3. Understand the topic and stick to it as much as possible
    4. Avoid plagiarism—in most cases, plagiarism means an immediate disqualification
    5. Proofread your essay and check it several times for potential contextual mistakes
  2. Check all the additional criteria if there are any—For some scholarship providers, writing an essay isn’t enough. They may require additional documents to proceed further with your application. The extra paperwork may include:
    1. Proof of the required minimum GPA, if applicable
    2. Letter of recommendation
    3. Proof of participation in specific activities that may increase your chances of getting the scholarship

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