ERIE Insurance Claims Explained

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Filing ERIE Insurance Claims Doesn’t Have To Be Eerie

ERIE Insurance is one of the best-rated insurance companies. It operates in 12 states and DC through independent agents. The company’s insurance products include life, auto, home, and business insurance.

Having to file ERIE insurance claims with agents over the phone can be taxing. Luckily, there’s a better way with DoNotPay!

Use DoNotPay To Submit Your ERIE Insurance Claim the Eerily Easy Way

DoNotPay can deal with any ERIE insurance type and streamline the claiming process!

All you have to do is open our app in a , and our AI-powered Insurance Claim feature will do most of the heavy lifting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your insurance type
  2. Submit a few details, including your policy number and contact info
  3. Follow the prompts and finish up

You can relax now! We’ll make sure ERIE receives your insurance claim as soon as possible. Your insurance agent will reach out to you with further instructions.

If you also have insurance coverage from another company or you’re thinking of jumping ship, we can assist you! No insurer is immune to DoNotPay, and no issue is too much to handle.

You can count on us even if you want to file unemployment insurance claims or those involving:

ERIE Insurance—How To File a Claim on Your Own

If you want to file insurance claims with ERIE by yourself, you should do so over the phone. You have two options:

  1. Call your local ERIE agent
  2. Contact ERIE customer service

Phoning an ERIE Agent

ERIE recommends calling your agent instead of reaching out to a customer support rep. It should be easier to talk to your agent because you know them, and they are familiar with your insurance and the claims process.

Here’s how to find the contact info of ERIE agents:

  1. Go to the ERIE website
  2. Click on Find an Agent in the top right corner
  3. Enter your ZIP code
  4. Navigate the map to find the closest agent (if you don’t already have one)
  5. Tap on the arrow next to Hours to see when you can call your selected agent

Contacting ERIE Customer Service

If you cannot contact your agent, you should talk to an ERIE customer support rep about filing your insurance claim.

You can reach customer service 24/7 by dialing (800) 367-3743. Once you do, choose the suitable option:

  • 1—Reporting a windshield or auto glass claim
  • 2—Asking for roadside assistance
  • 3—Filing workers’ compensation claims
  • 4—Initiating a claim for the first time
  • 5—Speaking to a rep about a filed claim

In case you need to submit a life insurance claim, you should call (800) 458-0811 and select option 3.

ERIE Auto Insurance Claims Explained

One of the most popular ERIE insurance products is its auto insurance.

When you file your auto insurance claim, an ERIE adjuster will contact you and go over all the details with you. Here’s the info you need to give your assigned adjuster:

  • Full name
  • Insurance policy number
  • Your claim number (given when you file your claim)
  • Name and contact details of your agent
  • Estimates of the cost, damage, and repairs

If your vehicle needs repairs, you can either choose your own repair shop or pick one from the ERIE repair shop selection.

How Do Other ERIE Insurance Company Claims Work?

The ERIE claiming process is almost the same regardless of your insurance type, but there are certain intricacies you should pay attention to. Familiarizing yourself with the claims process will help speed it along.

Check out some of the most important steps each insurance type entails:

Home InsuranceWorkers’ Compensation InsuranceBusiness InsuranceLife Insurance
  • Call the police to report the incident if you experienced theft or burglary
  • Protect your home from additional damage, but don’t do any unauthorized repairs
  • Make a list of the damage
  • Take pictures or videos
  • Jot down details such as the damaged items’ prices, brand names, and serial numbers
Submit the details about:
  • Employer
  • Injured employee
  • Incident info
Provide the following:
  • Date and time when the loss occurred
  • Damage info
  • Police report
  • Pre-loss inventory info
  • Names and contact details of people involved
Prepare these documents:

Checking Your ERIE Insurance Claim Status

You can check the status of your insurance claim online or over the phone.

If you log in to your account, you'll be able to view the status in the Claims section.

Another option is to call ERIE customer service and ask about your claim.

ERIE Insurance Claims Department Denied Your Claim? You Can Appeal It!

No matter how prepared you are and how many details and documents you collect, ERIE might reject your insurance claim.

In case this happens, you can use DoNotPay to strike back with an appeal! Our well-argued and error-free appeal letter will boost your chances of getting what ERIE owes you.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Select your insurance type
  3. Hit Appeal Denied Insurance Claim
  4. Answer several questions about your claim

After our app does all the work, we’ll send your appeal letter to ERIE.

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