Get Reimbursed for an Entergy Power Outage

Utility Outages Get Reimbursed for an Entergy Power Outage

Do You Need to File an Entergy Power Outage Claim? We've Got This!

Most kids think of power outages as excuses to camp out in the living room and tell scary stories, but when we experience  as adults, there's too much at stake to enjoy the event. After all, power outages can cause damage to property, loss of income, and even risk to our health and that of our pets and loved ones. What can you do if an Entergy power outage costs you money or worse? Can you file a compensation claim?

Absolutely, and you have two ways to do it: Jump through hoops and take the DIY road, or let DoNotPay do the hard work for you.

How to Stay Informed About the Entergy Power Outage

If you have access to the internet with a battery-powered device, you can view Entergy's outage map and learn more about the blackout. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on your state in the list shown.
  3. Scroll through the left sidebar for the map legend.
  4. Locate your area on the map, or by entering your ZIP in the sidebar.

Unfortunately, Entergy's outage maps don't give much information about estimated repair times or the cause of the outage but it's a good idea to make note of any information available to you for later reference and also to plan how you'll safely spend the time the power is expected to be out.

How to Apply for Compensation for an Entergy Power Outage on Your Own

When you're advocating for yourself, it's important to be extremely detailed in your loss documentation. Vague damage descriptions won't support your case and will give Entergy the rightful excuse to dismiss your claim.

Phase One: Gather Your Evidence

Start with documenting the time the power went out at your home or place of business, and then gather the following information:

  • Estimated lost sales or income
  • Damaged and/or business electronics
  • Damaged medical electronics
  • Interrupted internet service
  • Any injuries incurred
  • Support these claims with itemized medical bills
  • Spoiled perishables, including medication
  • Any other damages or costs incurred during the

Photograph any damaged items or injuries and make clear photocopies of all of your evidence. Be sure to get estimates for any replacements or repairs and assemble all your evidence with a cover letter introducing your claim, summarizing your losses, and asking for a specific amount in damages. Remember to be professional and polite but firm.

Phase Two: Find the Right Contact Information

Entergy doesn't make it easy for the consumer to find out who handles power outage damage claims, but it's important to send your claim to the right department and the right supervisor. Here's your best path if you're following the DIY route:

  1. Call 1-800-368-3749.
  2. Choose the option that lets you speak with a customer service representative.
  3. Ask the customer service representative for the following information:
  • The department name for customer damage claims
  • The name of the supervisor of that department
  • The department's mailing address
  • The supervisor's direct email and phone line

Be prepared to spend some time on hold, and be sure to have a way to take notes when the customer support associate finds the information for you. If they don't, you can try and ask through this online form. If all else fails, you can tweet them @entergy or ask your question on their Facebook page. 

Phase Three: Send in Your Claim

Once you find the claims department, you may be given a claim form to fill out. By all means, do so but we highly recommend that you also send in the materials you put together yourself if you're acting on your own behalf; it shows you're serious. Send your claim with delivery confirmation to the address provided to you and be sure to follow up within two weeks of mailing your claim. It can take between four and six weeks for Entergy to process your request.

How to Get a Refund, Rebate, or Payout With DoNotPay

Wouldn't it be so much better if you had a virtual attorney on your side? If you want to get compensation for an outage but you don't have the time to do it yourself, DoNotPay has you covered in 9 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Outage Refunds product on DoNotPay.


  2. Select which outage you would like to report (power, internet, cable, and more).


  3. Select your energy provider and enter your account number.


  4. Indicate when the Entergy power outage started and how long it lasted.


  5. Verify your Entergy account information.


  6. If you want to be reimbursed for losses related to a power outage, choose whether you want to be reimbursed for personal injuries, damaged property, or both.


  7. Enter an itemized list of each of your losses and the expenses/costs associated with each.


  8. Upload documents or photographic evidence that proves your losses. Also, add the names of any witnesses who can attest to your losses if possible.


  9. Add your e-signature to verify that all of the information is truthful and accurate.


And there you go!

Does DoNotPay Help With Other Types of Outages? 

If you need to file a claim with any US utility, including these, we can help:

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