How To Make an Employment Agreement in California

Standardized Legal Documents How To Make an Employment Agreement in California

Top Tips on Drafting an Employment Agreement in California

If you have ever been stuck in administrative hell or couldn’t figure out the right way to write a legal document, you’re not alone. Drafting contracts isn’t an easy task, but we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create an employment agreement in California stress-free! for the most simplified instructions on drafting contracts, and let us draw up various agreements in your stead!

The Employment Contract in California—How It Works

An employment agreement is a written contract between an employer and an employee.

The contract sets out all the terms and conditions regarding the employment.

In California, you can make an employment agreement in either written or verbal form. Having a written agreement is a safer option because it works better as proof in case of a claim or dispute.

In the Golden State, the Employment agreement is a legally binding contract. This means that a breach of the agreement could lead to a pursuit of legal actions.

A Guide to Writing an Employment Contract in California

This guide presents you with the easiest way to write your employment agreement. When drafting this contract, as with any other legal document, you will have to include certain crucial sections. Follow this checklist of mandatory sections of the employment agreement to make sure you don’t skip on anything:

  1. Names—State the employer’s and employee’s names. Follow up with their addresses, contact information, locations, and any other relevant info about the parties
  2. Dates—Write the start and end date of the agreement
  3. Job description—Explain all the duties and responsibilities regarding the scope of work. Mention how the tasks will be carried out and everything that’s expected from both parties
  4. Probation—Include specifics about the probation period, such as how long it will last and what obligations the parties will have during that time
  5. Working hours—Specify the policy of working hours. Make sure to include the rules covering business hours during the probation period as well
  6. Salary—State how and when the payments will be made, the amount, and whether there will be any bonuses. Incorporate any additional info about the salary you find important
  7. Benefits—Explain the benefits of the employment, like health insurance plans, pension arrangements, paid vacations, and days off
  8. Confidentiality—Make sure to state that no confidential information can be shared outside of the agreement
  9. Termination—Elaborate on the specifics regarding the early termination of the agreement. Say how and when the contract can be terminated

How Can an Employment Agreement Be Beneficial?

Employment agreements are beneficial for several reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Mutual understanding
  2. Security
  3. Confidentiality

Mutual Understanding

One of the biggest benefits you gain from the employment contract is a clear understanding of the obligations of everyone involved. The best way to avoid any miscommunication and confusion is by having the rules spelled out in writing.

In case anyone is having trouble remembering a certain obligation, they can always go back to the contract and read what was agreed upon.


The employment agreement offers a sense of security because it states how long the employment arrangement will last. It also determines the exact salary, which leaves little room for misunderstandings between the employer and employee.


Employers usually have to share confidential information about the company with their employees. Having a confidentiality clause in the agreement helps prevent the risk of that information being leaked.

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