All About the Employee Incident Report

HR Complaints All About the Employee Incident Report

What Is an Employee Incident Report?

An employee incident report documents problems in the workplace like physical accidents, harassment, and more. If you’re an employee, it’s important that you have a safe space to report your concerns without the fear of backlash from your employer.

We’ll guide you through the process of writing a complete employee incident report. If you don’t have time to draft one on your own, we’ll also offer a way to send an anonymous employee incident report with DoNotPay.

When Should You File a Report? 

Many situations warrant an employee incident report. A workplace or employee incident report may pertain to:

  • Near misses 
  • Accidents 
  • Injuries
  • Safety issues 
  • Property damage 

It is crucial to report and document the source or cause of an incident to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to prevent a similar occurrence from happening again.

Why File a Workplace Incident Report? 

You should submit a workplace incident report to Human Resources for three principal reasons:

  1. Prevent future occurrences from happening 
  2. Provide recommendations on taking the correct precautionary measures 
  3. Improve the overall working environment and culture

Steps for Writing a Workplace Incident Report 

Here’s a guide you should follow when you’re looking to report a workplace incident:

Respond promptly

The first step should be to respond once you have sought medical care for a work-related injury or once you are out of harm's way. Having a quick response to an incident shows greater urgency and will allow you to remember details while they are still fresh in your mind.

Gather the facts and details

A workplace incident report should be based solely on facts. Take the time to sit and jot down key dates, times, and other details that are relevant to your report. By being clear and descriptive, HR will have a better overview of the situation. It will also save time for unnecessary questions later on in the investigation process (if there is one).

Follow-up with HR and your employer

Once you submit your incident report, make sure to be ready for additional screenings and interviews with your HR and Safety department. They may require more information from you to create a preventative plan for the future, which will eliminate or reduce future occurrences of similar incidents.

What Type of Incident Report Should You File?

An incident report sample may be available at your workplace. You can request for one from your boss or HR. Depending on the type of incident, you should use the template that best suits your concern:

Human resources complaint report template To file a complaint report with the HR department
Workplace harassment incident letter template To report harassment incidents that occurred at the workplace
Employee incident report template To report an incident that happened to an employee at the workplace

When an employee sustains an injury or faces any sort of discomfort, some organizations give out worker's compensation. However, incidents are sometimes a result of negligence. This is why when an employee isn't feeling well, it is expected that they notify their superiors and take a break before resuming work. 

File an Employee Incident Report Today with DoNotPay

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DoNotPay’s Anonymous HR Complaint service provides a way for employees to file complaints without revealing their identity. If you’re an employee looking to make a complaint to HR, all you have to do is:

1. Sign in to DoNotPay and click the Anonymous HR Complaint product.

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That's it! DoNotPay will automatically mail the report anonymously!

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