How to File an Employee Incident Report of Inappropriate Behavior

HR Complaints How to File an Employee Incident Report of Inappropriate Behavior

Filing an Employee Incident Report of Inappropriate Behavior

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Dealing with workplace harassment is extremely difficult, but it’s worse when there’s no system in place that allows proper accountability. Employee incident reports of inappropriate behavior are complaints made by employees against disrespectful behavior or bullying they encounter in the workplace. And like most human resource reports, these incident reports can be complex with sometimes unexpected repercussions.

In this article, we’ll go over the general process of filing employee incident reports, why employees are hesitant to report inappropriate behavior, and how you can use DoNotPay to submit anonymous reports to HR!

Why Incident Reports of Inappropriate Behavior Are Important

Be it an incident report of inappropriate behavior against a manager or fellow employee, filing one has significant advantages both for the employee and the company:

When Inappropriate Behavior is ReportedWhen Inappropriate Behavior is not Reported
Resolution only begins when the company is aware of the situation. Once you report inappropriate behavior, the company has the chance to open communication and solve the issue.The company is unaware of the incident(s) of inappropriate behavior, giving no room for resolution.
Once you report an incident(s) of inappropriate behavior, the company can put systems into place that prevent the occurrences of similar issues.The company is unaware of the problem and inappropriate behavior continues. This exacerbates the issue and leaves no room for change.
The report serves as documentation that the company could use to develop training modules or implement an appropriate disciplinary action.The company takes no disciplinary action towards the individuals complained about, which can create a negative work environment.

 The General Process of Reporting Inappropriate Behavior at Work

Reporting inappropriate behavior in the workplace should be pursued in a detailed and careful approach. You can get started by reviewing a sample complaint letter or you can draft your own from scratch. Here are some characteristics of a good incident report:

  • The incident report must be accurate. Avoid any vague language or misrepresentation of people or facts.
  • It must be complete. A report of inappropriate behavior only carries weight if it includes all important information, including the events that led up to the complaint and actions taken, if any.
  • Present a graphic representation of the incident you want to report. If there were multiple occurrences, the report should include all of them.

Now that we went over some general characteristics of a good incident report, here’s what to include when reporting inappropriate behavior in the workplace:

  1. The problems you encountered and why you want to file the report.  
  2. The setting. Describe where/when the incidents occurred. If it occurred outside of work, don’t hesitate to include that as well.
  3. The people involved, including the complainant, the accused, and any other person present at or affected by the incident(s).
  4. The damages caused. This can include physical, mental, financial or emotional strains. If the inappropriate behavior affected your productivity at work, make sure to note that in the report as well.
  5. The actions taken, including reactions from the complainant and responses by you.

Why Employees Are Reluctant to Report Inappropriate Behavior 

Making an employee incident report of inappropriate behavior is obviously a daunting task. Although there are benefits that come with filing a complaint, about 60% of employees are reluctant to report workplace harassment they encounter. Here are several reasons employees do not report:

  • Some employees lack faith in their HR managers and believe that their managers will take no action to resolve the issue. The lack of faith in the company’s ability to solve issues deters many employees from making a complaint.
  • Employees may also fear retaliation, especially when the accused is a superior at work. If an employee submits a report against their boss or supervisor, the employee may face retaliation such as being terminated.
  • Some employees may also fear judgement from their colleagues. Submitting a complaint report can affect the employee's reputation and negatively affect the way they are viewed by their colleagues. 

Use DoNotPay to Report Inappropriate Behavior With Zero Risk

The risks of reporting an incident of inappropriate behavior can be extremely scary, but this should not be a reason to let inappropriate co-workers or managers off the hook. With DoNotPay’s Anonymous HR Complaints service, it’s easy to report any inappropriate workplace behavior without worrying about the negative consequences. DoNotPay lets you do this in a few very simple steps:

  1. First create an account with DoNotPay.
  2. Open the Anonymous HR Complaints product.
  3. Enter the name of your employer and the mailing address of your HR department.
  4. Describe the incident and offer a solution to the problem.

That’s it! DoNotPay will automatically mail the report to your HR department. None of your personal information will be included in the report, so don’t worry about getting exposed!

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