Ohio Laws on Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animal Ohio Laws on Emotional Support Animals

Ohio Laws on Emotional Support Animals

Do you need to get an Emotional Support Animal in the state of Ohio? The Federal Laws regarding ESA (Emotional Support Animals) are the same, but at the state level, each state has its own set of requirements, and Ohio is no different.

If you need to get an Emotional Support Animal in Ohio, would you know where to start? In this post, let's take a look at how you can get an ESA without any hassle or stress by using DoNotPay.

Emotional Support Animals in Ohio

Ohio is like many other states in that they do not recognize the Emotional Support Animal beyond its ability to be protected within the home of the emotionally disturbed person. This has been the case with emotional support animals across the nation as they are not included as an integral component of the Americans with Disabilities Act which does protect service animals in any public space.

Getting support for your ESA in Ohio is not going to go any further than your front door. So, what does a resident of Ohio do?

Emotional Support Animal Letters in Ohio

If your Ohio mental health professional has properly diagnosed you with a mental disorder that could be alleviated by an ESA,  ask them to write you a letter in support of their findings. This will allow you to at least have the animal with you at all times you are at home regardless of your landlord's policy on having pets.

Emotional Support Animals are protected in Ohio by the Fair Housing Act, a law that says even though you have an emotional support animal, you cannot be refused the right to fair and adequate housing, and the animal must be allowed to live with you.

Don't expect much in the way of support for your diagnosis or your ESA beyond that. If you do venture out with your animal, make sure to carry that letter with you in case you are approached about the presence of your animal.

Who Can Write Letters for ESA in Ohio?

If you have a condition that your mental health professional feels could benefit from you having an ESA, they need to properly write you a letter stating so.

Healthcare professionals in Ohio can refer you to a mental health professional if you feel you need an ESA. But, there tends to be a 'gray area' where even the proper mental health professionals are encouraged not to write you a letter of support for your ESA in the state of Ohio.

How Emotional Support Animals Help People:

Improves Your ScheduleSchedules and routines may be very important, yet, schedules may seem tedious. A pet requires care and a certain routine. You must feed them; you have to walk them, bathe them, play with them, etc. Setting your schedule to be based on their needs can also impact your other day-to-day tasks.
Improve Memory and FocusPets are very good at keeping person-centered. If you forget to feed them, they will remind you. If you feel lost in thought, they can give you a nudge to remind you that they are there.
Improve SleepIf you are someone who suffers from hyperactivity, you may feel unable to rest well at night. After running, walking, playing, and focusing on your pet throughout the day, you may be able to rest more at night.
Relieves StressPets provide unconditional love to their owners. They are unable to yell or do things that may stress you. This can give you a sense of confidence and reduce your risk of depression or anxiety.

The Ohio Counseling, Social Worker, Marriage, and Family Therapists Offices

It seems that several clients of the CSWMFT were asking their licensed professional for letters to support their ESA. This became a repeated issue that at first was addressed, and several letters were written.

Then something somewhere must have come back on this board of professionals about their ability to write these letters when they have no formal training in diagnosing or treating clients with emotional disorders that require a licensed mental health professional.

Their stance on writing these letters is that they are highly encouraged not to. The letter from the CSWMFT can be found here.

But that is the only way you can keep an ESA in Ohio. Not everybody can afford the services of a mental health professional, not everybody has health insurance, and not everybody can take repeated days off work to set up the needed appointments to get their ESA approved by a mental health professional.

You're not petitioning the local city council for having an elephant as a pet, you have a genuine need for an Emotional Support Animal, but the main issue is finding the support needed on your behalf so you can have the animal.

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