What's the World's No.1 Email Spam Filtering Service

The World's No.1 Email Spam Filtering Service

Every person with an email address has had to deal with spam emails. People get wary for a good reason—some emails carry viruses and seem so legitimate that people lose money because of them. That is why there are email spam filtering services. They offer protection from all kinds of viral attacks and rights violations.

How Does DoNotPay’s Email Spam Filter Work?

DoNotPay has developed a feature that can help you get rid of spam emails and keep your inbox tidy. It also protects your rights by checking whether any of them were violated. If any of the spam emails you received did not have an Unsubscribe button, or if you did not even agree to receive emails from that sender, DoNotPay will notify you that you can join a class action. You will know if there is a class action settlement by seeing a flag in the Spam Collector section on your DoNotPay dashboard.

You can get the most out of this feature by signing up using your and following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account
  2. Go to the Spam Collector category
  3. Type in your email address to connect it with DoNotPay
  4. Forward the email you want to stop receiving to spam@donotpay.com

Once you have completed all the steps, you will be unsubscribed automatically, and should there be any chance of class actions, you will be notified.

What Do Email Spam Filters Do?

Email spam filters use different criteria for assessing emails. Every provider has its own software, algorithms, and technology that work as its email spam filter. These filters assign scores to each factor, and the sum determines whether an email goes to the Spam folder or not. The scores and criteria differ from service to service, so some emails might end up in the Primary inbox for one person and in the Spam folder for another.

Spam-Filtering Method

List-Based Method

It categorizes email senders in your inbox as spammers or trusted ones.

Content-Based Method

It evaluates words and phrases in individual emails you receive.
Other Filtering Methods

They differ from service to service.

Some list-based methods create spam senders lists with available software and algorithms. Sometimes you need to create additional lists to keep the spam filter up to date, though.

A part of this assessment is the content. Email spam filter scans the subject and the body of an email, and if it has inappropriate content, it goes straight to the Spam folder. It also assesses the codes, meta-data, and the senders’ IP addresses.

What Are Email Spam Solutions?

There are numerous email spam filters you can use. Each email client has its own—Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Depending on whether you use emails for personal or business needs, your email spam filter will differ. It can be detrimental not to use a paid email spam service as protection from malware for business use. For personal use, free and inbuilt filters will do. What makes DoNotPay’s Spam Collector precious is that it allows you to get compensation for any illegal spam emails.

There are a couple of email spam filter types:

  • Cloud-based email spam filters
  • Enterprise email spam filters
  • Hosted email spam filters

Cloud-Based Email Spam Filter

Cloud-based spam filters are convenient mainly because you do not have to buy or install them. They work and sift through your emails directly in the cloud. This is an advantage because it means you do not have to worry about capacity, compatibility, or infrastructure.

Another advantage is that it is as low maintenance as it gets—the service does its own maintenance and updates itself.

Enterprise Email Spam Filter

Enterprise email spam filtering is more suitable for companies or organizations. It usually includes commercial spam filtering with an anti-virus filter as well. It comes with email storage and backup for your entire domain. Email spam filtering like this one offers security encryption, which can be invaluable to companies.

Hosted Email Spam Filter

Hosted email spam filtering is a SaaS service, and it is a combination of both enterprise and cloud-based filters. It can be customized depending on your needs. Your data is secured, and you can reach out to the provider’s support.

What Are the Common Issues People Have With Email Spam Filtering Service?

Emails bypass anti-spam filters thanks to hard-working people in marketing departments. Statista research showed how much they’ve gotten better at their jobs. Between 2015 and 2018, commercial emails that reached people’s inboxes grew from 78 percent to 85 percent.

So, the most common issues come from the free, basic, built-in email spam filters, which need to be set up manually and maintained regularly to work.

A particular incident with Yahoo’s email spam filter possibly had to do with scanning the content of an email. A Yahoo mail user complained about receiving the same email daily. The email address changed every day, but the subject stayed the same (”Lonely Married Women”), but Yahoo’s filter did not recognize that as spam.

A similar issue involved Reflexion spam filtering. It seemed to this Reddit user that it had stopped working altogether. The more critical issue was that customer support was of no help in this instance.

What Other Email Issues Can DoNotPay Help With?

For most online platforms, you need to provide your email to have full or partial access, which makes you vulnerable. Besides helping you report and get rid of spam emails, DoNotPay created features to help you get protected from email abuse and harassment.

Another common issue is subscriptions. Subscribing to numerous platforms has become common because a lot of them offer something for free. But, once you get that, you want to stop the subscription emails from filling your inbox—how often do you even open them?

Everyone receives unwanted emails, and DoNotPay’s app can help you with that. You can check out how to block spam email on Android and stop receiving emails as well.

Can DoNotPay Help With Traditional Mail?

Spam mail can also be sent through traditional mail. It can be even more irritating than the electronic one, so DoNotPay has developed a feature for that too.

DoNotMail will tidy up your physical inbox and put you back in control of it. Its best characteristic is user-friendliness—you can set it up within minutes!

Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account using your
  2. Select the DoNotMail feature
  3. Click on the Enroll Now button

Is There Anything Else DoNotPay Can Help With?

DoNotPay can help with various bureaucratic issues. It can assist you in suing people and companies like Direct TV, CenturyLink, and many more. Sign up in your and you will be all set. Find out more about:

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