Protect Yourself With an Email Spam Checker

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The Benefits of Using an Email Spam Checker

Both senders and recipients are afraid of spam emails. Senders think about preventing their emails from ending up in the spam folder while recipients are continually looking for ways to get rid of unwanted mail. There's a solution for both sides. Senders should try an email spam checker, and recipients can use DoNotPay, the best robot lawyer in the world, and get rid of spam emails once and for all.

How to Check if My Emails Are Going to Spam

There’s no way to check whether your emails ended up in the spam folder or not. It all depends on the recipient's email service provider to 'decide' if your email is going to be auto-deleted, forwarded, delivered to spam, inbox, or some other folder.

Although there is no way to know for sure if your emails end up in spam, there are quite a few technical parameters marketers can and should check before launching their campaigns. If you’re looking to improve your sender score and increase email deliverability, here are a few common practices that you should follow:

  1. Keep your mailing list clean to minimize bounce rates—Remove bogus email addresses and inactive users from your mailing list
  2. Avoid spam words in your subject lines—Refrain from using words and phrases that ESPs (Email Service Providers) flag as spam, such as buy now, act now, free, do not delete, etc.
  3. Warm-up your sender IP address—Don’t send hundreds of emails from day one. Start by sending 50-or-so emails and increase the frequency gradually

Once you’ve done all that, you should leverage an email spam checker to test your emails and do a quick content check-up before hitting that send button.

What Is an Email Spam Checker, and Why Is It Important?

An email spam checker is a service that runs your emails through spam filters and detects issues such as blacklisted IP addresses and inappropriate content. Spam checkers flag any issues they discover and provide you with a spam score, showing you exactly what elements of your email marketing campaign you need to tweak.

Bear in mind that it's essential to use an email spam checker because every email that goes to spam lowers your sender score and harms your email deliverability. As a sender, you can lose your reputation, so before you send an email, it's advisable to run it through the software specialized for identifying the spam.

How Does the Email Spam Checker Work

The email spam checker runs your email through specific spam filters to detect any inappropriate content and suspicious email domains or IP-address. Here's how it works:

  • It tests authentication—An email spam checker, among other things, checks if DMARC, as well as the DKIM, and SPF are adequately set up. These validation principles are created to prevent and reduce phishing and spamming
  • It runs your IP through blacklists—The checker compares your email domain and IP-address against common blacklists
  • It runs your emails through the SpamAssassin filter—Your emails are tested against SpamAssassin filter’s rules to ensure your spam score is under 3
  • It reviews email content—Spam checkers examine your subject lines and email body to ensure there are no elements that would flag it as spam, such as spammy words, capital letter sentences, and tons of exclamation marks

Why You Should Use an Email Spam Checker

Running your emails through a spam checker will help you avoid the common mistakes that might completely undermine all your email marketing efforts.

Here are the most common reasons why you should always use an email spam checker before launching your campaigns:

  1. To improve your sender reputation—When creating an email, most senders concentrate on email template design, CTAs, and copy. That's not enough. There are concepts such as blacklists, sender scores, email domains, and authentication involved in forming your sender reputation. By testing your authentication or checking if your IP-address exists on some blacklist, the email spam checker gives you guidelines on how to improve your email marketing strategy
  2. To boost your email deliverability—When you use an email spam checker, you will get familiar with what segments of your marketing strategy need improvement. You may figure out that your content is not unique or that your authentication is weak. Either way, you will be aware of what segments require changes if you want your email to get to the client's inbox
  3. To enhance the overall quality of your emails—Every sender's goal is to avoid being the part of bed statistics that says how almost 50% of all emails end up in spam. Using the spam email checker is the best way to track the ever-changing field of email marketing

Best Email Spam Testing Tools

Choosing the email spam testing tool can be quite tricky. There are dozens of spam checkers out there, with varying degrees of accuracy. If you are not sure what email spam testing tool to choose, we present you five best ranked in 2020:

Email Spam Testing Tool





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Mail Tester

Email on Acid

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Recipients who want to stop spam emails are in the right place. DoNotPay is a free app that can help you get rid of spam for good.

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To use DoNotPay, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

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