All About Ellis Unit and Contacting Inmates

Connect With an Inmate All About Ellis Unit and Contacting Inmates

How to Connect With an Inmate at the Ellis Unit

The O.B Ellis Unit, also previously called the Ellis I Unit, is a prison located in Unincorporated Walker County, Texas, run by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The prison sits on 11,247 acres of land and houses 2,400 male prisoners. It is located 12 miles north of Huntsville.

The prison was opened in July 1965 and named after Oscar B. Ellis, a former prison director in Texas. George Beto designed the Ellis Unit to be the strictest prison in the system. From 1965 to 1999, the facility houses male death row inmates.

Inmates at the Ellis Unit in Huntsville can receive visitors, mail, money, and calls. But you have to follow proper protocol. If doing your own research on the protocols

Where Is the Ellis Unit Located?

The Ellis Unit is situated in a wooded area where the Estelle Unit, located 3 miles from the Ellis Unit is also situated. Here is the contact information for the facility;

Physical AddressEllis Unit

1697 FM 980

Huntsville, TX 77343

Phone Number(936) 295-5756 (**010)
WebsiteEllis Unit
General EmailNot Available

How to Contact Inmates at the Ellis Unit in Huntsville 

There are multiple ways to connect with inmates at the Ellis Unit. The facility allows:

  1. Visiting the inmates
  2. Making or receiving phone calls
  3. Receiving packages (pictures)
  4. Receiving letters

Visitation at the Ellis Unit is on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am -5 pm. Visitations are two hours long, and they can be either contact or non-contact. Inmates are allowed one visit per week, while visitors traveling over 300 miles can request a special visit by contacting the warden's office.

If you intend to call an inmate at the Ellis Unit, it's important to note that inmates can't receive phone calls at the facility. Instead, inmates have access to phones at certain hours through the Offender Telephone System, which the inmates can use to make calls to family and friends.

How to Send Money & Packages to Inmates at The Ellis Unit 

Inmates at the Ellis Unit can receive mails, approved packages, and some photos. Packages allowed in prison include books, magazines, and newspapers. But they have to be sourced from an approved vendor or publisher. Also, the packages should follow the following rules and regulations:

  • The package should have the inmate's name and ID
  • Only magazines and books with a softcover are allowed
  • Only paperback publications are acceptable
  • You cannot send more than three books and should be brand new
  • The publications shouldn't have abusive language, nudity, violence, or hate speech
  • For photos, you cannot send more than three photos. They should not have nudity, gang-related signage, or violence

All inmate letters and packages should be addressed appropriately. Below is the prescribed format:

Inmate Name, ID Number

​Ellis Unit

1697 FM 980

Huntsville, TX 77343

Steps to Take Before Contacting an Inmate at The Ellis Unit 

Contacting an inmate is not a straightforward process. It requires adequate preparation beforehand. Some steps to follow before calling or writing to a prisoner include;

  1. Determine the location of the inmate before accepting or making any calls. Interstate calls often cost a lot more than intrastate calls. If you don't know how to find an inmate, DoNotPay can help using the Connect with an Inmate feature, which can help you locate an inmate at any correctional facility countrywide.
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Difficulties You May Have Contacting a Loved One in Ellis Unit 

Contacting an inmate is a bureaucratic and frustrating process. There are many hurdles and challenges like:

  • Limited talk time
  • Closely monitored communication and interaction
  • Letter postage and telephone calls are expense
  • Abrupt cancellation and postponement of visiting hours

Get In Touch with Your Loved Ones Via DoNotPay

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