Do You Need to Do a Elkhart County Warrant Search?

Conduct a Warrant Search in Elkhart County Quickly and Easily

If anything is a worse surprise than a cop at your door with a warrant, we don't know what it is. If you have even the slightest inkling that there may be a warrant for your arrest, do yourself a favor and conduct an right away.

What Is Contained in a Warrant?

A basic arrest warrant contains three elements, says Lawyers:

  1. Name of the individual to be arrested
  2. The crime the individual is charged with
  3. The name of the court that is issuing the warrant

Remember that once a warrant has been issued, it may be used any time day or night. It is important to check if there is an arrest warrant issued in your name so you know what to do and you won’t be caught by surprise.

What Is an Arrest Warrant in Elkhart County?

If a felony is committed within view of a police officer or sheriff, that law officer can make an arrest on the spot. If a law enforcement officer doesn't witness the crime as it is committed, but has good reason to believe that a crime has indeed happened, the officer may present an affidavit that shows "probable cause" to a judge or magistrate who may then issue an arrest warrant based on the evidence.

Generally speaking, a police officer or sheriff who requests a warrant presents a judge or magistrate with at least two pieces of credible evidence, explains LawFirms. Once a warrant has been issued, the law official who requested it or any other law enforcement officer may use the warrant to take a person of interest into custody.

Search Warrants vs. Arrest Warrants

Search warrants and arrest warrants both require the burden of probable cause, but they are not exactly the same.

  • An arrest warrant is issued when probable cause indicates an individual committed a crime.
  • A search warrant is issued when the location to be searched is believed to contain incriminating evidence of a crime.

Another type of warrant that can be issued in Elkhart County is a tax warrant. According to the Elkhart County sheriff, a tax warrant from the Department of Revenue may be put in place if you fail to pay your tax obligation.

How to Search for a Warrant in Elkhart County by Yourself

Here are some numbers you may find helpful when you do a :

OfficePhone Number
Elkhart County Clerk(574) 535-6430
Elkhart County Department of Corrections(574) 891-2100
Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office(574) 296-1888
Elkhart County Sheriff's Office(574) 891-2300

Another way to find out about warrants is to ask your local sheriff. The sheriff's website offers an online search tool that can help you find misdemeanor warrants.

To find out about felony warrants, visit the Elkhart County Sheriff's office in person at 111 N 3rd Street in Goshen. Do so with the understanding that if there is a warrant for your arrest, you can be taken into custody on the spot.

Is There a Safer Way to Search for Arrest Warrants in Elkhart County?

Actually, there is. DoNotPay is an artificial intelligence (AI) lawyer who can find any warrant in any state at any time. When you allow DoNotPay to do the search, you receive the results confidentially and without fear of immediate arrest.

Here's how it works:

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That's truly all there is to it! Once we have your info, our tireless AI robot lawyer will find any warrants that have been issued for your arrest or warrants to search your property. Armed with that info, you can take the next step which may be to hire a defense attorney.

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