How To Become An Egg Donor In Michigan

Egg Donor Rights How To Become An Egg Donor In Michigan

Best Fertility Clinics for Egg Donors in Michigan

When someone wants to give birth to a child and finds out it will not be possible through normal conception, it can be a shock. What now?

In many cases, the potential mother cannot proceed without obtaining a healthy egg from another woman. This is called egg donation and restores the chance to have children to people who are infertile.

Egg donors are well compensated for their efforts. Payment can range from $6,000 up through $25,000. Yet exploring the process to become a potential egg donor is far from easy, and the experience is tough to handle on your own – there is a quicker, simple way to begin the journey.

What Is Egg Donation?

Since women are born with millions of eggs, many women can go through an egg donation process to provide a healthy egg to someone who needs it.

The FDA regulates the procedure since it is a form of organ donation. An egg will be surgically extracted from the donor and mixed with sperm from the donor's partner.

Where Can I Donate in Michigan?

You may donate at any one of many facilities throughout the state. Research the list of locations online, or investigate the sampling below:

NameAddressContact InformationCompensationRequired Age
Egg Donor Program of Michigan5090 State Street, Suite 103 B

Saginaw, MI 48603


Fax: 989-791-8144


$10,000 to $12,00021 to 35
East Lansing Fertility Center2601 Coolidge Rd., Suite B

East Lansing, MI 48823

517-679-1410-21 to 32
The Fertility Center3230 Eagle Park Drive NE, Suite 100

Grand Rapids, MI 49525


Toll-free: 877-904-4483

Fax: 616-988-2010

$4000.0021 to 31
Michigan Fertility Clinic130 Town Center Drive, Suite 106

Troy, Michigan 48084


Fax: 248-619-9031

-21 to 30

Do Egg Donors Face Risks?

Any potential donor should be aware of these possible problems:

Future Fertility Problems

There is always a risk that donating an egg may result in difficulties for the donor to become pregnant in the future. As the process involves anesthesia and surgery, complications of a medical nature may arise.

Choosing a clinic that does not have a solid reputation might cause problems, as well. Such places might not use drugs of adequate quality, or their staff may not be appropriately trained.

Resulting Side Effects

Donating an egg may bring on a condition known as ovarian overstimulation syndrome. This complication from surgery could lead to nausea, vomiting, bloating, or a buildup of fluid that must be removed surgically.

Other Health Problems

Additional trouble that could develop from donation includes:

  • Disorientation
  • Infection
  • Cramps
  • Organ puncture
  • Bleeding


Egg donors must engage in a serious, detailed process. This may result in a daily routine that has become completely mixed up and challenging. You may be on-call to go to the clinic at any time in order to receive hormones or be put through various tests, for example.

Donors who drink, involve themselves in drug use, smoke, or have unprotected sex will suddenly need to stop all such activities.

Are There Legal Parenting Issues?

Egg donation usually includes the signing of a contract that explicitly spells out legal rights. It should include:

  1. The intention of the egg donation
  2. Medical reasons for needing donation
  3. Wording that clearly specifies the donor's agreement to give up all rights and responsibilities to the eggs and any subsequent embryos

You might wish to consult an attorney to ensure the contract clearly states all donor wishes. In some cases, both recipients and the donor may wish to remain in contact in case of health issues later experienced by the child. Such wishes should be spelled out in the contract.

Is There an Easier Way to Become a Donor?

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Once your application is processed and accepted, you should receive an email with the next steps. Consider these related articles regarding problems for which we can provide help:

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