How To Use the EEOC Charge of Discrimination Form

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Start Your Fight Against Discrimination With the EEOC Charge of Discrimination Form

If you are being discriminated against at work and have no hope of fixing the problem internally, it may be time to bring in the heavy artillery.

Your next step is to take the matter to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) and let them help you.

To do this, you need to file a complaint with them—a process that is easier said than done. DoNotPay can help—here is our explanation of the EEOC Charge of Discrimination form and the way to !

What Is the EEOC?

The EEOC is the federal body responsible for enforcing workplace anti-discrimination laws.

Overseeing any company with 15 employees or more, the EEOC is mandated to:

  • Investigate complaints of discrimination
  • Run conciliation and mediation procedures
  • Start legal action against employers

EEOC investigations focus on any complaints of discrimination based on:

You cannot use a discrimination lawyer to launch legal action against your employer if you have been discriminated against—you need to go through the EEOC first.

When Should I File a Charge of Discrimination?

The discrimination you are experiencing and should report could take the following forms:

  1. De jure or de facto discrimination
  2. Harassment
  3. Retaliation

De Jure or De Facto Discrimination

Any deliberate act of discrimination—whether or not it is company policy—is illegal and must be stopped.

Examples of workplace discrimination could include a policy that discriminates against you, a manager who has expressed a derogatory opinion of you, a salary discrepancy between you and a co-worker doing the same job, or your employer’s unwillingness to accommodate any special needs you may have.


Harassment in any form—sexual, verbal, email harassment, or cyberbullying—is considered a type of discrimination­ and is prohibited in the workplace.

Even if a single person is responsible for the harassment, recent discrimination lawsuits have confirmed that a company can be held responsible for the actions of its supervisors and managers.


Your employer is guilty of discrimination if they retaliate against you after you have complained about discrimination.

Involving the EEOC is a major step as your company will be informed as soon as you file a complaint.

Before you lodge your charge of discrimination, you should make sure you have tried everything to resolve the matter with your employer by doing the following:

If all this is to no avail, you should lodge your case with the EEOC.

What Does an EEOC Charge Form Look Like?

The EEOC charge of discrimination form is straightforward and detailed, and it includes:

Information RequiredExplanation
Your detailsYou need to include your:
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Contact details
Your employer’s detailsYou should list your employer’s details, including:
  • Company name
  • Registered address
  • Number of employees
  • Contact details
Type of discriminationYou have to state which type of discrimination you are alleging—you can list multiple types in one charge of discrimination
Details of incidentsYou need to list every incident of discrimination you have experienced, including:
  • What occurred
  • Who perpetrated the discrimination
  • When it happened
  • Who witnessed it

The more detail you can supply, the stronger your case will be

Once you have all the information to hand, you can contact the nearest EEOC field office.

Issues With Filing Your Charge of Discrimination the Standard Way

Filing your charge of discrimination with the EEOC can be a complex and time-consuming process.

The EEOC may ask you to attend an in-person intake interview to discuss your case, meaning that you will have to travel to the nearest EEOC field office, wait for your appointment, and remember to take any documentation with you.

If you try and file your charge online through the EEOC’s public portal, you are directed through a series of questions that determine the following:

  • What criteria the alleged discrimination is based on
  • Whether the company is large enough to fall under EEOC jurisdiction
  • Whether your charge is within the 180-day time limit for filing

Once you have answered these questions, you will be asked whether you want to submit an inquiry or schedule an appointment—this does not mean your charge has been filed.

Luckily, DoNotPay has a solution—with our service, you can avoid all the hassle and get your charge of discrimination filed in a few clicks!

File Your Charge of Discrimination Easily Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay knows how serious workplace discrimination is, and we are committed to helping you fight it as easily as possible.

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We will handle the rest—your charge will be filed with the nearest EEOC office. They will contact you to walk you through the next steps.

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