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Connect With an Inmate Stay In Touch With An Inmate At Houston Federal Detention Center Easily

Stay in Touch With Your Loved One at Eastern Reception Diagnostic Correctional Center

The , also referred to as the Bonne Terre Correctional Center or Bonne Terre Prison, is located in Bonne Terre, Missouri. It's a maximum/medium/minimum security prison that houses 2721 inmates who are all male. It offers various programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Storylink, Seven Points of Highly Successful People, and Impact on Crime.

It can sometimes be challenging to figure out where someone you know has been incarcerated and how to get in touch with them. Different correctional facilities have different rules regarding mail, visitation, etc. You don't want to make the effort of writing a letter to an inmate only to have it returned to you due to some rule you didn't know about.

Instead, it might be a better idea to use DoNotPay, which will not only help you locate your loved one but will also help you get in touch with them electronically or through a letter. DoNotPay will make the process of contacting your loved one much more convenient and accessible.

Location of Eastern Reception Diagnostic Correctional Center

Here is some important information about the  (ERDCC):

Physical Address2727 Highway K, Bonne Terre MO 63628
Phone Number573-358-5516
WardenDavid Vandergriff
WebsiteMissouri Department of Corrections website

How to Visit an Inmate at the ERDCC

Visiting at the ERDCC has now resumed since October 2021, and visitors are encouraged to take the COVID vaccine though this is not mandatory. Here's what you need to know about visiting someone at the ERDCC:

  • You have to schedule the visit in advance.
  • Two people (excluding infants) are allowed at a time.
  • At present, wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • You need to fill out an online application before visiting an inmate. You will need the inmate's id number to do this.
  • The inmate's immediate family, extended family, friends, clergymen, and lawyers can visit him.
  • The ERDCC informs the inmate of upcoming visitation when it has been approved, and he has to notify the person who is visiting him.

Things to Keep In Mind During Visitation

There are some rules and regulations that it's good to know before visiting an inmate.

  1. Do not carry drugs, alcohol, or firearms.
  2. Carry your driver's license or Department of Revenue ID card.
  3. Underage visitors (13-18) should carry their school id or a federal or state-issued id.
  4. Adults must accompany underage visitors.
  5. You will be searched and go through a metal detector when you enter.
  6. You can carry medication if you may need it. If you use a walker/wheelchair, you will need a doctor's note.
  7. You are allowed to carry any supplies you may need for an infant.
  8. Transparent/revealing clothing or clothing with metal in it is not recommended.
  9. You can embrace/kiss the inmate when you enter and leave.
  10. You can hold hands while visiting.
  11. Children can sit on the inmate's lap.

How to Send Mail To/Receive Mail From the Inmate

Here's what you need to know about sending letters to/receiving letters from an inmate:

  • The inmate is given two sheets of paper, a pen, and postage when they arrive.
  • Pictures and letters must be sent when you write to the inmate. Images must not contain nudity or gang depictions. You can't send Polaroids or photographs which have been cut.
  • Include the inmate's name and DOC number on the envelope.
  • Do not use bubble wrap.
  • Do not send musical cards, homemade cards with glue/tape, or cards bigger than letter size—sign cards in ink.
  • Do not include anything other than a letter/card/news clipping without photos in the envelope.
  • Letters are best written in English or may not pass the censor.
  • All mail is subject to inspection.
  • Do not include sexually explicit writing, nudity, tattoo patterns, or gang depictions.

How to Email and Send Money to an Inmate

You have to use JPay to email an inmate. You will need to know the state and the inmate id number to do this. You can also use JPay to send money to the inmate. But it's important not to send money to any other inmate because this indicates illegal activity.

You can also send a cashier's check or money order payable to the Missouri Department of Corrections along with a Department of Corrections deposit slip which the inmate can send you. Send these two to Offender Finance Office, Missouri Department of Corrections, PO Box 1609, Jefferson City MO 65102. You can call them at 573-526-6445.

How to Contact an Inmate by Phone

Although you can't call an inmate at the ERDCC, they can contact you. There are three types of calls: collect, debit, and prepaid calls. The inmate can purchase phone minutes within the ERDCC or set up an account with Securus.

To set up an account for the inmate, go to or call 1-800-844-6591.

What Can the Inmate Buy at The ERDCC?

There is a canteen at the ERDCC where inmates can buy the following things with the money you send them:

  1. Necessities like soap, food, clothes, toilet paper, toiletries, shoes, and sheets.
  2. Education, in case there are classes offered that they want to take.
  3. Medical and dental supplies.
  4. Radios and TVs.
  5. Materials to write with and postage.

It's also possible to buy reading material and medical items like eyeglasses from approved vendors.

How to Use DoNotPay to Get in Touch With an Inmate

It can be challenging to navigate the correctional system, keeping in mind all the things you're not supposed to do when you contact an inmate. It might be difficult even to figure out where the inmate is located.

DoNotPay can help you locate and contact a loved one. You'll just have to put in the information you have and create a virtual mailbox/write a letter to them. DoNotPay will do the necessary search and help you contact the inmate without violating one of the many rules of the correctional center.

Here's what you need to do to locate/contact an inmate via DoNotPay:

  1. Locate the Connect With an Inmate service on DoNotPay.


  2. Choose whether you want to locate a loved one, create a virtual mailbox, or send a personalized letter.


  3. If you want us to find your loved one, provide their details and the state they are located in. We'll then conduct a search on the appropriate state database.


  4. If you want to create a virtual mailbox, just provide your full name. We'll set one up for you to easily receive incoming mail from your loved one.


  5. If sending a personalized letter, tell us which facility your loved one is located in and what you would like to say to them. You can even include a photo. Your letter will be delivered automatically - just wait ten days for it to arrive for your loved one.


When your loved one/friend/family member is incarcerated at the ERDCC, he is sure to be going through a difficult time. Fortunately, DoNotPay makes it easier for you to find and stay in touch with him and give him the support he needs.

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