The Easiest State To Get a Divorce Might Be Yours

Divorce Settlement Agreement The Easiest State To Get a Divorce Might Be Yours

The Easiest State To Get a Divorce—Speed Up the Process

Getting a divorce doesn’t have to take a lot of time, complicated paperwork, or a drawn-out filing procedure. If you get the right info and negotiate a friendly divorce with your spouse, you may be able to finalize everything in a few weeks.

Want to check whether the easiest state to get a divorce in is yours? We provide relevant information and offer assistance with the required divorce documentation.

What Is the Easiest State To Get Divorced In?

Most reports list the following eight U.S. states among the easiest ones to get divorced:

  1. Idaho
  2. Alaska
  3. Maine
  4. Nevada
  5. Wyoming
  6. Tennessee
  7. South Dakota
  8. New Hampshire

It’s difficult to name a single state as the easiest one to get divorced in since different factors influence how easy or fast you can finalize a divorce, including the:

  • Type of divorce—Choosing a no-fault divorce takes less time than a fault one. In the latter case, you must prove that your spouse is at fault, which can take time and money if they object
  • Filing procedure—You need to get familiar with state and local regulations to fill out, serve, and file the papers correctly
  • Cost—If you cannot afford the required court filing fees, you could apply for a waiver. In this case, you’ll usually need to:
    • Provide additional documentation confirming your financial situation
    • Wait for the court to review your application
  • Waiting period—Most states require a minimum specific period to pass from filing and serving the papers to granting a divorce

The Fastest Divorce State

The fastest divorce states are the ones where state laws don’t require an obligatory period to pass between filing for divorce and the first hearing.

The following table provides more information about the fastest states to get a divorce in:

State Minimum Waiting Period Online Court Forms Available Filing Fee
Nevada None Yes $300
New Hampshire None Yes $400
Wyoming 20 days Yes $70
Idaho 21 days Yes $207
Alaska 30 days Yes $250
South Dakota 60 days Yes $95
Maine 60 days Yes $120
Tennessee 60 days Yes $184–$301

While waiting periods might suggest the length of your divorce, they’re not the only criterion you should consider.

Online court forms also speed up and reduce the cost of the process as they can help you handle the process:

  1. Independently or through mediation
  2. Without having to hire a pricey lawyer

What About Other States?

To learn about specific divorce procedures, necessary forms, filing fees, and waiting periods in other U.S. states, you should check out the following table:

District of Columbia California Arizona Georgia
Washington State Delaware Virginia Florida
New York State Nebraska Indiana Illinois
Massachusetts Maryland Vermont Texas
South Carolina Louisiana Missouri Iowa
North Carolina Wisconsin Michigan Utah
Rhode Island Oklahoma Colorado Ohio
Pennsylvania Minnesota Alabama Hawaii
West Virginia New Jersey Arkansas Kansas
North Dakota Mississippi Kentucky Oregon
New Mexico Connecticut Montana

How To Get a Quickie Divorce—Go for an Uncontested Divorce

The easiest, fastest, and most affordable type of divorce is an uncontested divorce. You can file for this divorce if you and your spouse have reached an out-of-court agreement on all divorce matters, such as:

A no-fault, uncontested, and amicable divorce can save you time, money, and nerves as you can easily skip:

  1. Going to trial—Some states might still require you to go to court for at least one hearing
  2. Asking for help with complicated paperwork—Many U.S. state courts offer online divorce forms you could complete and file on your own
  3. Spending a lot of money on legal services—You don’t need to hire a lawyer if you and your spouse agree on everything

Instead of visiting a law office, you can state all the agreed matters in a divorce settlement agreement and present it to the court for review.

Different Ways To Prepare a Divorce Settlement Agreement

As you need to file your divorce settlement agreement with the court for approval, you must ensure the document complies with state and county regulations. Once the judge signs the agreement, it becomes legally binding.

You can opt for the following options to draw up a divorce settlement agreement:

How To Create a Divorce Settlement Agreement Brief Explanation
Write it yourself Make sure you’re familiar with state and local laws to prevent the court from rejecting the document
Use online material While online templates can be helpful, keep in mind that some:

  • Are too generic
  • Don’t include your state regulations
  • Might not be suitable for your specific situation
Visit a lawyer Experienced lawyers can prepare all divorce documentation for you, but you should consider their fees. As most attorneys charge per hour, you might end up paying more than what you had in mind
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