All You Need To Know About a Durable Power of Attorney in Kansas

Create a Power of Attorney All You Need To Know About a Durable Power of Attorney in Kansas

Durable Power of Attorney in Kansas—Deciphered

Looking for a simple and efficient way to draft a durable power of attorney in Kansas? We got you covered! Not only can we provide you with all the relevant info about the Kansas POA, but we also show you how to create one in less than five minutes!

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Understanding the Kansas Power of Attorney

The Kansas power of attorney is a legal document that allows one party (a principal) to transfer certain powers to another individual (an agent). The agent gets appointed by the principal to make financial, health, and other decisions in his or her stead.

Kansas Durable Power of Attorney—What Powers Can the Principal Transfer?

The durable power of attorney in Kansas allows the principal to transfer the powers to:

  • Disburse money and open/close the principal’s accounts
  • Contract employees and attorneys in the principal’s stead
  • Buy, sell, lease, maintain, alter, and manage the principal’s properties
  • Have access to the principal’s personal information or physical and mental health details, such as their legal, medical, and hospital records
  • Deal with the principal’s policies and insurance—including the life, disability, hospitalization, accident, and other policies
  • Provide for the principal’s spouse’s or minor children’s support (food, lodging, medical services, etc.)
  • Do, sign, and perform any act or deed on the principal’s behalf in the same manner that he or she would
  • Be a representative payee for all payments the principal is entitled to
  • Engage in any lawful business in the principal’s name
  • Take any legal action

Is the Kansas Durable Power of Attorney Effective Immediately?

Whether the power of attorney will be effective immediately or after the principal’s incapacitation depends on how the POA document is drafted. There are several POA types, including:

POA TypeDescription
General power of attorneyThe general POA gives the agent the power to represent the principal only while he or she is mentally competent. If the principal becomes incapacitated, the POA gets terminated
Durable power of attorneyThe durable POA can remain effective even after the principal’s incapacitation. With the durable POA, the principal allows the agent to deal with legal, financial, and property matters
Limited power of attorneyThe limited POA allows the principal to transfer specific powers to the agent and to make it last for as long as he or she wants
Financial power of attorneyThe financial POA lets the principal transfer the power to deal with finances, bills, and real estate matters to the agent. It can be either:

  • Effective immediately
  • Sprung (effective once the principal becomes incapacitated)

Can I Draft the Durable Power of Attorney in Kansas by Myself?

You can draft the durable power of attorney on your own, but the process requires you to pay close attention and know what sections must be included. You also need to draft it in accordance with the Kansas laws, so hiring a lawyer to help you write it or review it afterward is the best course of action.

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After you finish the above-listed steps, we’ll create your Kansas durable power of attorney! Both the principal and the agent should read the notices and sign the document.

Should I Get the Durable Power of Attorney in Kansas Notarized?

By Kansas law, the durable power of attorney has to be signed either in front of two adult witnesses or a notary. If you decide to get your POA notarized, you won’t have to visit a notary in person! DoNotPay allows you to get your POA document notarized online after our app draws it up. Forget about wasting time traveling to a notary, and handle both tasks using one app!

DoNotPay Provides Additional POA Assistance

Besides helping you draft your POA documents, we can also provide you with useful POA-related info and answer the following questions for you:

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  5. Can you have more than one power of attorney?
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  7. What is a joint power of attorney?
  8. Does a power of attorney expire?
  9. How can I obtain a power of attorney?

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