How to Get the Lowest Price for Driver Shaft Repair

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How to Get the Best Deal on Driver Shaft Repairs

It's happened to every golfer. You're hitting long drives, and suddenly, you're not hitting anything because the shaft of your driver club just broke. While some players argue that isn't worth it, it often is, especially if you have a good driver that has been serving you well.

DoNotPay can help you find the best place to take your club for reshafting. Whatever your repair issue, we can help you out.

What Is the Average Cost of Driver Shaft Repairs?

The cost of a depends on:

  • The materials used
  • The type of grip
  • What you want out of the shaft

Typically, it costs between $25 and $45 for the labor and the grip, depending on where you are and how expensive a grip you choose. The cost of the shaft is highly variable. Cheap, basic shafts can be had for $50 or even less, but premium, branded shafts will run you anywhere from $200 to $500 or even more. Much of this cost is, however, under your control. Note that if you have a new driver break, you may be able to get the shaft replaced under the manufacturer's warranty.

You can eliminate the labor costs by re-shafting yourself, but this is not a straightforward process, especially with an adjustable shaft, and isn't worth it for most players. Sometimes you may not find re-shafting worth it. If the driver head is very old and worn, it is probably better to buy a new club.

How to Find the Best Provider for Driver Shaft Repairs

If you are getting a driver shaft replaced and don't want to do it yourself (which you probably don't), you will need to choose the right vendor. Some things to consider:

  • Are they familiar with the specific shaft you want, if you want something specific? Alternatively, do they have a good record of helping people choose new shafts that fit their swing style, height, strength, etc.?
  • Will they allow you to play a few rounds with the new shaft before committing?
  • Do they have the shaft you want in stock?

Good repair stores will help you pick out a new shaft that will fit your budget (without trying to upsell) and improve your performance.

How to Avoid Excessive Driver Shaft Repair Fees

The biggest pitfall when getting a driver reshafted is being upsold on a shaft you don't need or want. Going in with a good idea of what you need to improve your swing (or firmly committing to the same shaft the club had before it broke) will help protect you from this. You should also be aware of:

  1. Extra costs for regripping. Generally, it is not possible to save the grip from a broken shaft.
  2. Rush fees/expedite fees. If you have a tournament, you might not be able to avoid these, but if not, consider whether it is worth it to pay extra to get your club back faster. Look at their typical promised turnaround time.

Thankfully, this kind of repair is typically cheap in terms of labor, albeit potentially quite expensive for the new shaft itself. You might want to check prices at several repair shops and golf shops before you settle on one. Most shops have standard labor fees that aren't altered or negotiated, but you should also look and see if anyone has the shaft you want at a lower price.

Find the Best Driver Shaft Repair With DoNotPay

DoNotPay can help you easily and quickly find the best repair shop to take your clubs. Sometimes, especially if you have moved or are new to the game, there might be multiple choices, and you may not be sure who offers the best deal. Or you might not be aware of a provider who can help.

DoNotPay can help. You can save on repairs by:

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