The Best Way to Reach Inmates at Draper Correctional Facility

Connect With an Inmate The Best Way to Reach Inmates at Draper Correctional Facility

The Best Way to Reach Inmates at Draper Correctional Facility

Draper Correctional Facility was opened in 1939 as a male correctional center but has since been expanded to host both men and women in different dormitories. It is located in Elmore, Alabama, and has 1232 inmates. The facility comprises two level II and Level IV units, two segregation units, and a general population unit. Draper Correctional Facility is secured with two electric fences, five armed guard towers, and several prison wardens.

Inmates in Draper Correctional Facility are offered the chance to advance their lives through programs like GED courses, substance abuse treatment, pre-release programs, anger management, and parenting education. Some inmates are also offered business and financial courses to equip them with money-making skills for their after-prison lives.

Where is Draper Correctional Institution Located?

Draper Correctional Facility is located in Alabama. You can get in touch with the facility in the following ways:

Physical AddressDraper Correctional Facility, State Prison.

2828 Alabama Highway 143

Elmore, AL, 36025

Phone Number334-567-2221
Inmates Mailing AddressInmate name and ID number

Draper Correctional Institution

2828 Alabama Highway 143

Elmore AL 36025

How to Locate an Inmate in Draper Correctional Facility

The database of the inmates held at Draper Correctional Facility is available online, which allows anyone to search whether an inmate is in that facility. To get the information, you need to fill in the inmate's id and full name, as well as some other questions that might help locate the inmate quickly.

Can You Send a Mail or Care Package to an Inmate in Draper Correctional Facility?

Yes, mails to an inmate in Draper are allowed, but they must be inspected before being handed over to the inmate and might be read in case there is suspicion of illegal activity. Things like money, stamps, food, and papers are restricted from being sent to inmates in Draper Correctional Facility.

Is Sending Money Allowed?

Yes, you are allowed to send money to an inmate to purchase things in the commissary. All money is deposited to the inmate's trust account, with a limit of $300 monthly. You can either deposit via walk-in, credit/debit card, or phone. When sending money, include the inmate's full name and ID number.

Is Visitation Allowed?

Visitation to inmates is allowed but through a strict procedure. You must be approved to visit, which involves running a background check to ensure you are cleared to visit. People with criminal records or suspicious behavior are often denied visitation permits.

The pre-approval process takes a couple of weeks to go through, so it is essential to be patient after requesting a visit via call or website. The Draper Correctional Facility allows Visitation on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm. All visitors must adhere to visitation rules on bringing luggage, dressing code, and time-keeping.

Can Inmates in Draper Prison Make Phone Calls?

Inmates are allowed only to make collect calls. You are usually charged for the call if you pick up the line to talk to a loved one.

How to Communicate Effectively with an Inmate During Visitation

If it is your first time visiting an inmate and you have no idea how to communicate with them effectively, you can follow the guide below:

  • Ask questions without sounding too inquisitive
  • Ask for clarification but without being judgmental
  • Listen actively
  • Pay attention to their body language

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