What To Do When the Downstairs Neighbor Is Complaining About the Noise Your Toddler Makes

Neighbor Complaints What To Do When the Downstairs Neighbor Is Complaining About the Noise Your Toddler Makes

What Should I Do if My Downstairs Neighbor Is Complaining About the Noise My Toddler Is Making?

Do you have a toddler who loves running up and down your hallways or loves to scream when they’re excited?

If your downstairs neighbor is complaining about the noise from your toddler, DoNotPay can help you sort out your problem. We can assist you in dealing with neighbor-related issues in the blink of an eye!

What Is Unacceptable Noise From a Toddler?

While you may have helpful and friendly neighbors who offer to babysit your toddler, you might also have those who keep complaining about living near a child.

Before you try to resolve the problem, you need to figure out what your neighbor considers unacceptable noise from a toddler.

Unacceptable noises can include:

  1. Constant thumping around at all times of the day
  2. Toddlers making loud noises after 10 p.m.
  3. Loud, blaring cartoons (or repetitive tunes, such as Baby Shark)
  4. Persistent crying or screaming

Are Your Neighbor’s Accusations Valid?

If your neighbor has legitimate reasons to complain about your toddler, you should make all efforts to come up with a solution. If you disagree with their accusations, here are some steps you need to take:

  • Keep a record of all your neighbor’s verbal and written complaints
  • Try to reach a compromise

What Possible Solutions Can You Offer Your Downstairs Neighbor Who Complains About Noise?

You can take several steps to settle your neighbor’s issue:

  1. Ask them to take preventative action
  2. Figure out ways to keep the noise level down
  3. Reason with your neighbor
  4. Get help from a mediator
  5. Send a demand letter

Ask Them To Take Preventative Action

Check out a few actions your neighbor can take to prevent the quiet time from being disturbed:

Actions To Deal With the NoiseBrief Explanation
Soundproof their placeYour neighbor can soundproof their apartment to prevent all outside noises from coming in
Invest in earphones or a white noise machineEarphones and white noise machines help curb any unwanted sounds
Find another place to liveIf your neighbors are too annoyed by the constant noise, they can consider looking for a home in a quieter area

Suggestions To Keep It Down Yourself

Here are a few steps you can take to prevent your neighbor from getting disturbed:

  1. Purchasing a carpet—Carpets muffle sounds, so if your toddler is thumping around the house, your neighbor will not hear it as loudly as they would without a carpet
  2. Getting an acoustic foam—Place acoustic foam on your apartment floor to prevent noise from traveling to your neighbor’s apartment
  3. No running inside—Restrict your toddler from running inside the house
  4. Having inside shoes and outside shoes—Make your children wear soft, inside shoes whenever they’re at home. Even if they run around, they probably won’t make as much noise
  5. Talking to your child—Teach your toddler to be as quiet as possible
  6. Giving them a present—Buy earmuffs or a noise machine for your neighbor

Reason With Your Neighbor

If your neighbor is constantly complaining about your toddler making noise, it’s time to have a proper talk with them. Instead of being defensive about your child, help them understand that it’s normal for kids to make noise. You could follow these steps to make the conversation easier:

  • Go to their house with a card made by your toddler
  • Ask them politely about the time when the issue occurred
  • Let them know that you’re doing your best in raising your child, but they do make noise occasionally
  • Explain to them that it is normal for toddlers to run around, drop things, and talk loudly
  • Apologize for any inconvenience the noise is causing them
  • Ask for possible solutions to their problem

It’s difficult to be polite to a person who’s complaining continually about your child, but don’t let anger get the best of you. Be friendly and empathetic but also assertive.

If you’re uncomfortable talking to them in person, write a letter or send an email to them. Alternatively, you can take a friend to provide moral support.

Get Help From a Mediator

Has your neighbor refused to listen to your explanations? Are they being rude on purpose? Call an independent mediator to resolve the argument. The mediator will listen to both sides and suggest an agreement that is fair to both parties.

Send a Demand Letter

Is your downstairs neighbor still being unreasonable about your toddler making noise? Send them a demand letter explaining why their complaints are unreasonable. A demand letter should contain factual information, an arbitration notice, and evidence of the inaccuracy of their complaint.

You don’t have to bother drafting the demand letter yourself. Sign up for DoNotPay, and our app will draw it up for you.

DoNotPay Can Send a Demand Letter to Your Neighbors on Your Behalf

If you have neighbors whose sole mission in life is to make your life miserable, use DoNotPay to send them a demand letter to set them straight! We can draft demand letters for various neighbor-related issues to make them clean up their act.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Choose Neighbor Complaints in the feature section
  3. Select the exact problem you are experiencing
  4. Provide additional information to us

DoNotPay will create a killer demand letter and mail it to your neighbor. It will have the desired effect in most cases, and your neighbor will respond the way you need them to.

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