Does a Power of Attorney Expire? DoNotPay Knows the Answer!

Create a Power of Attorney Does a Power of Attorney Expire? DoNotPay Knows the Answer!

When Does a Power of Attorney Expire? The Ultimate Answer

A power of attorney is a handy document that serves to ensure your finances, health, and personal matters will be taken care of by a trusted individual in case you’re unable to manage them yourself. When does a power of attorney expire, and how long can each type of this important document remain in effect?

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What Do You Need To Know About a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document authorizing an individual (agent) to legally manage affairs on behalf of another person (principal). Depending on the duration of the agreement and the scope of authority given to the agent, there are five types of power of attorney:

  1. General—The agent has full authority to handle everyday legal and financial matters in the principal’s name
  2. Limited (special)—This document gives the agent powers to act on behalf of the principal for a specific period or on particular matters
  3. Durable—It continues to be in effect or becomes effective once the principal is no longer capable of making decisions for themselves
  4. Medical—This document grants the agent power to make medical decisions on behalf of the principal
  5. Springing—It has to be triggered by a specific event to become effective, for example, when the principal becomes incapacitated

Does a Power of Attorney Expire?

All powers of attorney have an expiration date, depending on the type. Take a look at the table below for further clarification:

Power of Attorney TypeWhen Does It Expire?
GeneralGeneral powers of attorney can last as long as the person is alive or mentally or otherwise capable. Once the principal dies or becomes incapacitated, the contract becomes void
LimitedA limited power of attorney expires according to the timeframe specified by the contract or after the tasks specified in it have been completed
DurableSince the agent’s authority starts or continues once the principal is no longer capable of making decisions for themselves, a durable power of attorney expires only after the principal’s death
MedicalThis document can authorize an individual to make all medical decisions for the principal, including those involving life-or-death scenarios. Depending on the specifics, the POA can expire once the principal:

  1. Dies
  2. Is no longer in need of medical care
SpringingSince the springing power of attorney typically doesn’t take effect until the principal becomes incapacitated, it expires once the principal dies

How Long Does the Power of Attorney Last, and When Can I Terminate It?

Besides running its course, a POA document can be revoked and otherwise terminated under specific circumstances. Check out additional reasons that can make a power of attorney invalid in the table below:

Reasons a Power of Attorney Becomes VoidExplanation
Termination by the principalA principal can revoke a power of attorney at any time without giving a particular reason. The only condition is that the principal is mentally capable of making that decision. The termination of a POA can happen because:

  • Agent is not fit for the role
  • Principal has changed their mind and decided to appoint someone else
  • Agent is no longer available (for example, if they move to another city or state)
Resignation of the agentIf an agent doesn’t want to continue performing their duty, they can resign by giving the principal a written notice. Typically, the agent’s resignation doesn’t have to end a power of attorney if a successor agent takes their place

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