Does My Landlord Have to Fix My Shower?

Does My Landlord Have to Fix My Shower?

Does your shower need to be repaired? If so, you might be asking yourself,  Don't worry, DoNotPay can find out.

It can be quite frustrating to determine your renter's rights and responsibilities. You may need to review your lease, state rental laws, and other formal documents to get the answers you need.

Instead of spending hours sifting through paperwork, let DoNotPay handle the dirty work. We'll find the answers you need so you can get repairs done quickly, easily, and effectively.

What Are My Rights?

Most states have  that require rental units to have basic amenities like running water, heat, and electricity. Each state has its own renter's rights, so you'll need to do a little digging to know what rights you're entitled to.

In most states, if a renter is denied their basic rights, they can withhold their rent until the service is provided to them.

How Long Does My Landlord Have to Make Repairs?

In most states, landlords have a specific window of time to make repairs. They can be separated into two categories.

Critical RepairsNon-Critical Repairs
  • Critical repairs are issues that need to be fixed immediately since the home is currently unliveable. A broken shower would be considered a critical issue, since most homeowners need to shower daily.
  • Landlords usually have between 3 to 7 days to make repairs that are deemed critical.
  • These issues do not affect livability, but still, need to be fixed promptly. Often, a landlord has up to 30 days to make a non-critical repair.
  • If a landlord doesn't make repairs in time, most state laws allow a tenant to withhold rent until the proper repairs are made.

DoNotPay can help fight for your tenant rights to ensure that your  in a timely fashion.

How to Send a Request to Your Landlord to Fix Your Shower

If your shower is broken, it's important to get it fixed quickly. Here are the steps you can take to ask your landlord to fix it for you:

  1. Check your state's warranty for habitability. Research these requirements to see whether your landlord is responsible for fixing your shower.
  2. Document the problem with photos, and consider having a home inspector come and leave a report on the problem.
  3. Send a text, email, or letter to your landlord asking them to fix the problem. Include the date, documentation of the problem, and your unit number or address.
  4. Wait for a response from your landlord. If they don't respond, reach out again, and if it applies, withhold rent until repairs are made.

This process can be time-consuming and very stressful. You'll need to document everything and continue to reach out to your landlord until the problem is resolved.

Why deal with this kind of headache when DoNotPay can do it for you? Let us ensure that your landlord steps up and repairs your shower.

Get Your Landlord to Fix Your Shower With Help From DoNotPay

DoNotPay will handle frustrating landlord problems, so you don't have to. We'll guide you through the process with our Landlord Protection product.

DoNotPay can do things like:

  • Getting your security deposit
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  • Breaking your lease early

How to break a lease using DoNotPay:

If you want to break a lease in [state] but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Search for and open the Landlord Protection product on DoNotPay.


  2. Select which issue applies to you.


  3. Answer a simple set of questions so our chatbot can collect the necessary information to create your demand letter.


  4. Choose whether you want DoNotPay to send the demand letter to your landlord or roommate on your behalf. If you already tried sending a demand letter and it didn't work, we can help you start the small claims court process.


And that's it! You should hear back from your landlord directly once your demands are sent.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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