Does a Spouse Automatically Have a Medical Power of Attorney—Questions Answered

Advance Health Care Directive Does a Spouse Automatically Have a Medical Power of Attorney—Questions Answered

Does a Spouse Automatically Have a Medical Power of Attorney? DoNotPay Answers

Suppose you lose your ability to communicate or think due to an injury or disease. In such a case, you should authorize another person to decide on your health care in your name. You may want to choose your spouse as your health care agent, but what does it take to do it legally?

Does a spouse automatically have a medical power of attorney? If not, how can you assign them the power to make medical care choices for you? Can you pick someone else as your health care agent, and who should it be? Don’t let these questions puzzle you—all the answers you need are in DoNotPay’s know-it-all guide!

What Is a Medical Power of Attorney?

A medical power of attorney is also often called a medical proxy or a health care proxy in many states. Unlike a regular power of attorney, this document isn’t related to your finances or estate but your medical care preferences. It allows you to transfer your health care decision-making rights to a trusted individual—which is necessary if you lose the ability to decide for yourself due to:

  • Coma
  • Anesthesia
  • Vegetative state
  • Mental illnesses
  • Serious/incurable physical disease

Naming another person as your health care agent ensures that both medical workers and your loved ones will comply with your wishes.

In most U.S. states, a medical proxy is combined with a living will. It’s a document listing specific guidelines related to your future medical care. These two documents are the most common advance/health care directives people opt for.

Do Your Powers Automatically Transfer to Your Spouse via a Medical Power of Attorney?

The powers to decide on your behalf aren’t transferred to your spouse automatically. Your husband or wife can become your health care agent only if you specify so in a medical proxy. Otherwise, they can’t make choices in your name.

Even if you appoint them as your agent via a health care proxy, the document doesn’t become effective at the moment of signing. A doctor must confirm that you have permanently lost the ability to decide for yourself before your spouse can take over the responsibility for your medical care.

How To Create a Medical Power of Attorney and Name Your Spouse as Your Agent

The table below shows the most popular methods of creating a medical proxy:

Use a templateMedical power of attorney templates are easily accessible and can be downloaded for free but are too generic and often incomplete
Pay a lawyer to write a medical proxy for youAttorneys know how to create living wills and medical proxies with zero mistakes, but these services often cost too much
Compose your medical power of attorney from zeroIf you decide to create this document yourself, make sure you include the following elements:

  1. Written statement that you are transferring the powers to make health care decisions for you to your spouse
  2. Legal name, physical address, and contact details of your husband/wife
  3. Specific rights you assign to your new health agent
  4. Power limitations
  5. Special (additional) instructions
  6. Signatures of all parties involved, including witnesses (if you need any)
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DoNotPay Creates a Medical Proxy Tailored to Your Wishes

If all attempts to acquire a medical power of attorney fail, DoNotPay has a perfect solution for you! Our AI-empowered app:

  • Gathers the essential details related to your health care preferences
  • Generates a fully personalized health care proxy
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Here’s what you should do:

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