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Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate Get the Documents Needed for Citizenship Application Easily

Get Documents Needed for Citizenship Application Through DoNotPay

The need for a speedy, affordable, and simple process to obtain the documents needed for citizenship application is essential. DoNotPay enables you to get access to the necessary paperwork in order to submit an application for citizenship without having to go through complicated processes that are often costly.

DoNotPay is a free chatbot that provides legal assistance to people who are applying for citizenship certificates in the United States. The chatbot can help you get all the documents needed for the citizenship certificate application, and will also help you with filling out the form N-565.

Why Would You Need to Replace USCIS-Issued Naturalization or Citizenship Certificates?

The need to replace citizenship certificates or USCIS-issued naturalization arises when the original documentation is lost, damaged, or stolen. If the agency has not yet issued your replacement document, you can get help through the DoNotPay chatbot.

Without the naturalization certificate, you will not be granted U.S citizenship, which means you'll not be allowed to access several government services such as:

  • Getting a U.S passport or any other form of ID.
  • Exercising your right to vote in public elections.
  • Getting government jobs and
  • Accessing licenses.
  • Opening a bank account and other facilities that require documentation such as valid IDs or birth certificates.

The DoNotPay chatbot will help you get through the entire process of getting a replacement document, and it will guide you step-by-step in filling out the N-565 form (naturalization certificate). This can be done without visiting an immigration office for face-to-face assistance.

How to File Form N-565?

Filling form N-565 is a task that requires careful planning and attention to detail as it involves providing personal information such as name, date of birth, place of birth, and others. This data should be accurate for a successful application. DoNotPay chatbot will guide you through all necessary steps involved in filing form N-565.

How Much Does it Cost to File Form N-565?

The need to fill Form N-565, also known as Application for Replacement Naturalization or Citizenship Document, doesn't come cheap. According to USCIS, you will have to pay a fee of $555 if you want the agency to maintain your citizenship certificate pending its replacement.

How Do I Replace My Certificate of Citizenship in the U.S?

If you've lost your Certificate of Citizenship, or it is damaged beyond repair, the only way to replace your certificate is by applying for a new one. Here are the circumstances under which you need to replace your citizenship certificate:

  • Your name is slightly different from what it was when you were issued your certificate resulting from marriage.
  • You need a new certificate because your old one is damaged beyond repair or lost.
  • Your certificate was issued to you as a child, and now you are an adult.
  • You are a U.S citizen through naturalization but need to prove this in a foreign country.

Here are the steps involved in replacing your certificate of citizenship:

  1. Fill out form N-565, Application for Replacement of Certificate of Citizenship.
  2. Fill up form G-325A, Biographic Information (used if needed).
  3. Submit the application forms along with your old certificate to the USCIS district office or your local office authorized by USCIS. You will also have to submit a check payment in the amount of $555 in addition to a copy of your passport and driver's license.
  4. Allow at least 8 months after you file the application before applying again if it is rejected.
  5. If approved, allow 4 - 6 weeks before you receive your replacement certificate via mail.

Necessary Documents Needed When Replacing Your Citizenship Certificate

The first thing you will need is sufficient proof that you are who you say you are. For this purpose, either bring documents with original signatures or certified copies/notarized copies of them that meet the following criteria:

  • Birth certificate
  • If you cannot locate your birth certificate, bring with it documentary evidence such as school records showing where and when the person was born
  • Photographs or other documentary evidence showing the family relationship
  • Your marriage certificate if married
  • If parents are deceased, a death certificate for the parent(s) may be required
  • Two-color passport photos (2 inches x 2 inches)

Replace Your Certificate of Citizenship With the Help of DoNotPay

When you are faced with the lack of documents needed for citizenship application, it is important to seek help, as the process can be overwhelming. DoNotPay can speed up this process because it not only provides legal assistance and the paperwork needed, but also guides you through the procedure when filling out the form N-565.

How to replace USCIS-issued naturalization or citizenship certificates using DoNotPay:

If you want to replace USCIS-issued naturalization or citizenship certificates but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in easy steps:

  1. Search "naturalization certificates" (or "USCIS") on DoNotPay. 
  2. Select the document you are applying for, and the reason why you need a replacement. 
  3. Tell us more about the original certificate, including the certificate number, when it was issued, and the details of the person it was issued to. Upload evidence files to support your claims. 
  4. Enter the contact information for any preparers and interpreters that helped with the application. Select whether you want to pay the application fee by check or credit card. 
  5. Indicate whether you would like to receive a digital copy of your forms or have us mail them to you. 

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Documents Needed for Citizenship Application

The process of becoming a citizen in the United States is not an easy one. It can be difficult to find all the documents needed, and expensive if you need to hire anyone else for help. Luckily, there are resources available that will let you take care of this process including the paperwork needed for free; one such resource is DoNotPay, an AI chatbot that provides help with legal services of different kinds.

It’s FastYou don't have to spend hours trying to get the documents needed for your citizenship application.
It’s EasyYou don't have to struggle to fill out tedious forms or keep track of all the steps involved in preparing the documents.
It’s SuccessfulYou can rest assured knowing we'll make the best case for you.

If you need help with the complicated and costly process of obtaining documents for your citizenship application, DoNotPay can provide a quick and easy solution.

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