Do Hotels Check for Warrants?

Do Hotels Check for Warrants?

? And are they bound by law to do so? These are questions that may not bother many guests as they leave their details at the hotel counter. However, for a person with an active warrant against them, a hotel search can become a major concern.

Here, you'll learn whether all hotels check for warrants and to what extent and so much more.

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What Hotels Conduct Warrant Checks?

Different calibers of hotels behave differently when it comes to . Let's look at the most common types of hotels and what to expect.

Budget Hotels

The majority of the budget hotels do not . It's a matter of the hotel's internal policy and whether they deem the searches important for their administrative purposes.

Remember these hotels do not ask for much identification as the customers book their rooms. For some, registering with cash and a valid ID, or just a credit card is enough. And sometimes, especially where one ID is presented to book rooms for other loved ones, the details may not be enough to search for warrants.

Additionally, the hotels have a limited administrative capacity which prevents them from dedicating their time or resources to check warrants on their guests. However, if they decide to check for warrants, they act within their rights and can call law enforcement to make the arrest.

Here are the key pointers when booking and staying in a budget hotel:

  • Minimal identification is required
  • Warrant checks are rare
  • Hotels reserve the right to search for warrants

Chain Hotels

Chain hotels on the other hand are known to be more sensitive when it comes to checking for warrants. Due to their large capability in collecting guest information such as dates of birth, driver's license, and license plate numbers, they are in a better position to conduct warrant searches on their guests.

Hotels are not obligated to cooperate with law enforcement but can hand over a guest in extreme circumstances such as a threat of harm to other guests and employees.

Here are key pointers on search warrants in chain hotels:

  • More identification markers may be required
  • Warrant checks are more likely here
  • They reserve a right to check for warrants
  • They can keep the information or report the search to law enforcement

Do Police Check Hotels for Warrants?

For a long time, police could perform warrantless hotel registry checks. However, since the Supreme Court overturned this ordinance in 2015, hoteliers should now not give out guest information to the police without a warrant. Put simply, police require a valid warrant from a judge to check a hotel for warrants.

How to Check for Warrants With the Help of DoNotPay

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