All You Need To Know About The Dixon Correctional Center

Connect With an Inmate All You Need To Know About The Dixon Correctional Center

All You Need To Know About The Dixon Correctional Center

Dixon Correctional Center is located in Dixon, Illinois, founded in July of 1983. The center sits on 462 acres and can house over 1,870 male inmates. The Dixon Correctional Center is Illinois' Department Of Corrections (IDOC) most prominent medium-security location. The center is divided into separate facilities to accommodate inmates with different needs, such as older inmates requiring special needs and inmates with disabilities. Dixon Correctional Center provides programs for inmates, such as academic, vocational, and volunteer services, to help inmates grow in education and job skills for the workforce once released.

Dixon Correctional Center's Contact Information

The following is the contact information for Dixon Correctional Center:


Dixon Correctional Center is currently limited to visitors. To send mail to an inmate, use the address as follows:

Inmate's Name and IDOC#

2600 N. Brinton Avenue

Dixon, IL 61021

Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Dixon Correctional Center's Phone Number(815) 288-5561
WebsiteDixon Correctional Center's Website
Fax(815) 288-9713
Office Of Constituent Services Email
Office Of Constituent Services Phone Number(217) 558-2200 ext. 6226
Securus Number1(800) 844-6591

How to Contact Inmates at Dixon Correctional Center

Dixon Correctional Center provides a few ways to contact an inmate in their facility. The options are as follows:


As mentioned earlier, visiting is limited at Dixon Correctional Center; each inmate is allowed two visits per month. All potential visitors must register with GTL (Global Tel∗Link) to get approved as a visitor. The following are the steps to take to visit an inmate:

  1. Use IDOC's search tool to find the inmate's information to ensure you have all the relevant knowledge needed.
  2. Write a letter to the inmate you wish to see to ensure that you are on their approved visitor list.
  3. Schedule your visit online at least seven days in advance.
  4. Complete the signup information within 30 minutes, as the signup website automatically closes after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  5. Ensure to arrive at the center at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time to help check-in go smoothly.

Each visit gives an inmate a two-hour time slot for visitation. Visitors must call the facility once they have arrived to allow the staff to let them know when it is good for the visitors to enter. Adults must bring two forms of identification–a state-issued ID and vehicle information. Each visitor will have their temperature taken for safety measures.

Dixon Correctional Center is also offering video visitation through GTL. At this time, video visitation is free. Later on, GTL may revert to the fee schedule they have in place. All visits, both in-person and through video, are monitored and recorded.


All calls made to an inmate are made through Securus. You can call Securus' phone number above to set up a prepaid account or go online to Securus' website to create an account there.


To mail a letter to an inmate, you can send a letter to the address mentioned above. You will need the inmate's name and IDOC number, found on the Individual In Custody Search link. Inmates can also receive books, magazines, and other reading material through the mail according to the center's regulations.

Sending Money

To send money to an inmate at Dixon Correctional Center, you have the following options to use:

  • GTL  
  • JPay   
  • MoneyGram 
  • Western Union 
  • Money Orders

With GTL. JPay, and Western Union, an inmate should receive funds within 48 business hours. When using MoneyGram, an inmate will receive funds within 96 business hours. If you choose to use a money order, the amount sent must not exceed $999.99. It should be made payable to JPay and sent with the deposit slip to the following address:

P.O. Box 260250 

Hollywood, FL 33026

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